Shopping Local

No new news about the building has reached me this week, but if you like the idea of shopping locally and supporting Lowell’s creative side, there are two excellent opportunities today.

Western Ave Studios is open for holiday shopping today and tomorrow from noon to 5 pm. With 245 studios, there’s a little something for everyone.

A newcomer to the scene, Mill #5 on Jackson Street, is easy walking distance from us and has Totally Bazaar II today from noon to 6:00 in addition to their regular stores. They also have a Farm Market from 10:00 to 2:30 on most Sundays, including tomorrow.  And next Saturday is an Other Where Market slanted toward Fantasy, Steampunk, and Sci Fi.  At least some of these events even have live music!  And there’s a stunning, little Art Deco theatre in the complex.

(Incidentally, I’m using Facebook links here since I find the Mill #5 website to be over-ambitious and clunky to use—FB seems more helpful.  The link below is to a Boston Globe article from last year.)

For those unfamiliar with Mill #5, which may be most, they’re located on the 4th floor of one of the old Appleton Mills on the far side of Jackson Street, #250.  They are an up and coming project, kind of artist-studios-meets-mini-mall-meets-Victorian-street, that will probably have a much better shot if they get some better signage and the bridge connecting the Visitor’s Center lot with Appleton Mills gets built. In the meantime, they’re well worth a look-see but the entrance isn’t obvious.  One needs to walk into what looks like a little alley/parking area just to the right of the Cotton House Lofts entrance vestibule and head for the left, rear corner of the parking area where there’s an elevator tucked away.  Oh, and if you’re into imagining what the mills around here looked like in their heyday, Mill #5 has a general store set up in what looks to be virtually unaltered mill offices, complete with tin ceilings, built-in glass front bookcases and more.

Today’s Parade and other updates

A reminder that several downtown streets will be closing for the parade mid-afternoon today.

After my scrambling the other day trying to keep up with snow emergency information, I’d like to clarify that the Association does NOT reimburse any parking expenses incurred by parking in the city garages. And, while the city may declare a snow emergency hours before they institute a parking ban, the Association would like people to move their cars ASAP after the emergency is declared and NOT wait until the ban goes into effect.  (I’m rather glad I got “stuck” with a space in the city garage from the get-go and don’t have to worry about keeping all of this straight—well, at least, I didn’t until I started managing the bulletin board!)

I just updated the Contact page; apparently the Saturday morning office hours had changed back to their former, later time frame and I hadn’t noticed.  I hope no one was inconvenienced by the oversight.

I’ve also updated the Links page and added in a couple of new links.  The City of Lowell is planning to stop responding to See-Cick-Fix requests in January and switch over to their own system of Citizen Requests so I’ve added that in.  There’s also a new link for a pdf of the combined masonry reports.

One more update….

It appears I was right the first time (thank you, Brian). Parking at the Leo Roy is free from this afternoon through the weekend. Info here. 

I have also requested info from Royal Management to clarify the situation regarding timing and reimbursement for future snowstorms.

Sorry about the confusion! Hope no one is getting annoyed at the excessive bulletins these past two days.

Snow Emergency Correction

Here’s the link for the snow emergency notice.  It does NOT say anything about free parking at the Leo Roy Garage for city residents, despite what I’d been led to believe from the automated phone call just received. I think that Canal Place residents can get reimbursed for any parking charges during a snow emergency but I’d have to verify that.

If anyone knows just what the policy is and wants to comment, that would be appreciated!

Snow Emergency Declared

A snow emergency has been declared.  Parking on city streets is banned after 4:00 this afternoon.  I’m not clear if parking on the surface lot is banned as of now or as of 4:00 but I recommend erring on the safe side and moving your car now.

The snow emergency is to last “until further notice.”  There is free parking in the city garages for Lowell residents from 4:00 until 2 hours after the ban is lifted; then there will be a charge.

For a link to the Canal Place policy on snow emergencies, see the previous post.

Masonry Reports and Snow Emergencies

Back again! It’s been a busy day for the Bulletin Board.

Should the next forty-eight hours go as predicted weather-wise, Lowell will probably be declaring a snow emergency. Once that happens, all vehicles must immediately be removed from the surface lot to allow for plowing—or they risk being towed.  The Association does NOT contact individual owners asking them to move their cars.  Snow emergency announcements usually appear on local weather or news channels; they are officially issued by the Lowell Police Department.

The official building snow storm parking policy can be found here.

There is a new masonry report available here.

Keep in mind that there will be road closures and parking bans on Saturday for the Festival of Lights Parade.  A list of closures can be found near the bottom of the list of events here.

More About H2O

I’ve been asked about dishwashers, water heaters and the like.  I’m not an expert, but basically, the sludge is drawn into any pipes that you use before the system manages to properly flush itself.

If you ran your hot water this morning, then there’s probably sludge in your tank.  It will either run through or settle out eventually, but if you’re concerned, you’ll need to consult a professional about possibly draining and cleaning it.  It’s pretty normal to have some degree of build up in the water heater but this may have caused more than normal.

As for dishwashers, I’d recommend running your kitchen faucet until it runs clear.  If it looks like there was a fair amount of dirt in your kitchen pipes, you may want to run the dishwasher empty once through and then clean the filters before running a load of dishes.

I’m only speaking from personal experience; for more info, you can explore online resources or check with Cathy at Royal Management.

Water Main Break

We’d noticed the water off during the night.  It came back on around 3:30am and boy, is it awful!  Hopefully it will clear once people along the street start running theirs; I couldn’t make a dent in the sludge when I tried (it’s only 5:45am when I’m posting this).  Here’s the official news from the management company:

Because of a water main break on Market Street, the water department shut the water off at 1:00 am on Tuesday, November 25th.

The water department expects the repairs to take about 6 hours before they can turn the building water back on.

The water will be discolored.  Please let it run until it clears.

Royal Management Company

Board Meeting, Festival of Lights, and More

There is a board meeting tomorrow (Monday) evening in the lobby office at 7:00, residents welcome.

Next Saturday is Lowell’s downtown Festival of Lights.  More info can be found here.  It’s a fun way to embrace the season, just as long as you bundle up well!

If you’ve been wondering when the lines and crosswalks were getting painted on Market Street, it should be in the next few days (assuming they didn’t already do it while I wasn’t looking).  The pavement had to cure for one to two weeks before painting but we’re well past that and the contractor is required to get it done before the Festival of Lights.

With the holidays coming up, Western Ave Studios are adding extra shopping days to their usual Open Studios schedule.  They’re open December 6, 7, 13, & 14 from noon to 5:00. They also have one evening for shopping on Thursday, the 18th from 5:00 to 9:00.

And now, for a shameless self-promotional plug:  For anyone who enjoys the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre of novels (or has someone on their gift list who does) and likes the idea of supporting local writers, you might consider checking out The Raven Coronet by Christina Briley (my pen name).  It’s available online in eBook or paperback at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.  With sex, romance, magic, humor, and circuses, how can you go wrong?

The Fountain

The latest news from the management about the fountain appears below.  My understanding from listening in on the last board meeting is that these repairs are being done by a different company with more experience in fountains at no extra cost to the association.

Beginning on Friday, November 14, 2014 the work on replacing the fountain will begin. 

  • A protective barrier around the work area will be installed.
  • The fountain components will be removed.
  • The area will be measured so the new fountain can be properly fabricated offsite.
  • The new fountain will then be installed.
  • The metal platform will be cleaned and sealed and the cushions put back. 

This process should take about 5 weeks to complete.

Thank you for your patience.

Royal Management Company

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