Reminders & Parking Prices

A reminder that the lobby office will NOT be open tomorrow but will have hours Sunday morning from 9 to 11 instead.

If you have a basement parking space and haven’t yet returned your temporary Leo Roy pass, please do so! Envelopes were provided in the basement vestibule to make it easy.

An increase in garage parking rates is on the agenda for the City Council meeting on Tuesday. Even if you don’t pay for a space in the Leo Roy garage yourself, it’s a blow to the Association budget. Anyone wishing to comment can attend the meeting or contact the City Council via the city website.

One thought on “Reminders & Parking Prices”

  1. Do we know if the parking rate changes passed? Looks like the rates are pretty close to the proposed increases from 2023, with a slight reduction from the $100 resident rate proposed last year to $93.75 this year. The hourly garage rates appear to be either $1/hour or $2/hour, but it’s unclear if that’s a change from earlier rates.

    Seniors/handicapped 65+:
    From $43 to $46.50

    From $78 to $93.75 (vs proposed $100 last year)

    Qualifying age for seniors will increase from 62 to 65, creating an increase of $57/monthly for residents 62-64.

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