Signing up here should trigger a confirmation e-mail. It’s not unusual for that e-mail to get caught in spam filters so please keep an eye out for it and check your junk folder—you’re not subscribed until you respond to the confirmation e-mail. I also recommend everyone add to their address book to reduce the chances of notifications going AWOL.

5 thoughts on “Subscriptions”

  1. Ruth – your talents that brought this Canal Place website to life are truly amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for creating it. Hopefully everyone at Canal Place will see the usefulness that this site will bring to our community!

  2. Thanks for maintaining thi site.Lots of useful information. Might consider a area where residents can list stuff that they would like to give away/sell.

    1. I’m happy to list anything people want to sell on the bulletin board page. People are welcome to send me any listings—with photos and/or links if they like—and I’ll post them.

  3. I just subscribed.. want to say thanks to Cathy DeLoge for the garage getting painted, the entryway getting new carpet and hopefully getting the new passcard entry on the front side doors! also hopefully the new gutter and downspout above the entrance to our garage! its like going thru a (dirty) car wash.. thanks and keep up the good work!! we ALL have to pitch in and help keep our common areas looking sharp and clean!!! thanks, John Drake #111

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