Canal Place One
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Canal Place building
About the building:
Canal Place shares its address at 200 Market Street with two other buildings: Canal Place 2 and Canal Place 3. When the condo conversion of these old mill structures began in the 1980s the intention was that the three buildings would all be part of a single condominium complex under one management, but after the bankruptcy of the original developer the project was sold off in three pieces. Each of the three buildings now has their own management company, their own finances, and their own condo board, yet still share a single address and a single mailroom. The style of the unit numbers differs between the buildings as a way of differentiating the addresses: Canal Place's 119 units each have 3 digits, Canal Place 2 units have a letter and 2 digits, and Canal Place 3 units have 4 digits.
As the first of the local mill-to-condo conversions, Canal Place is one of the grand dames of Lowell's revitalized downtown. A fuller history of the buildings that now stand, or once stood, on the Market Street site as part of the Lowell Manufacturing Company is available elsewhere on
About the website: is aimed at the owners and residents of Canal Place (aka Canal Place 1) and is intended to provide useful information while also offering an opportunity to share advice, concerns, and local news. The site is the 2014 creation of a resident who continues to run it on a volunteer basis. It is NOT an official mouthpiece of the Canal Place board or management. The content is controlled solely by the website owner/administrator who, much as she tries to get it right, makes no guarantees about accuracy. Because is considered a service to residents, building management does reimburse her any fees she incurs maintaining the site but has no further hand in it.
The current management company, J A Wood Management, offers official information and services to unit owners through individual online accounts. Business and repair inquiries should be directed to the building manager, NOT to the website administrator.
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