AC Delayed Until Early Next Week

The Board, in conjunction with the new management and keeping an eye on the weather forecast, scheduled the switch from heat to air conditioning for mid-week this past week, a week earlier than the switchover last year. With lows in the 30s as recently as Sunday night and highs in the 80s a few days later, the timing was trickier than usual this year.

Unfortunately, as the switch was being made, it was discovered that the cooling tower had suffered damage over the winter; a line was damaged and there was debris in the system. The repair company was here yesterday and will be returning Monday or Tuesday to finish the work and turn on the AC. Labor shortages and supply chain issues being what they are, an immediate, emergency repair does not appear to be an option.

Your Board has been discussing the situation and regrets the delay; they realize it’s frustrating for everyone and particularly uncomfortable for folks on the upper floors. It’s the Board’s intention to make a regular May 1st inspection of the cooling tower part of the building’s maintenance schedule going forward. As for now, today should be the worst of the current heat wave; lower temperatures are predicted for tomorrow and the following days.

Web Admin Email Updated

The canalplaceone unofficial website, including the bulletin board, has had the web administrator’s address updated to across the site (unless I’ve missed some spots). If you’re a subscriber, please add the new address to your address book to prevent problems with your spam filter snagging bulletin board notifications.

The old address should, in theory, also keep working indefinitely, but I have my doubts due to recent changes made by the hosting service.

Change in Email Address

The hosting service for this website will be starting a separate fee for mailbox services in two weeks so I’ll be replacing the current email, “,” with “” I wanted to give everyone a few days notice so that they could add to their address book and reduce the chance of spam filters snagging bulletin board notifications once I reset the contact address.

Both addresses are currently functional, and it’s likely the old one will continue to get forwarded to me even without an official, paid mailbox with the host, but given past experience with GoDaddy and their mailbox quirks, I thought it was safer to switch to gmail.

I’ll post again when I officially change the website/bulletin board contact info. The only difference other than where to send info for posts or questions about the site should be the return address on the bulletin board auto notifications.

Washer/Dryer Recommendations

I have a request for recommendations from a resident. Please answer in the comments or send me an e-mail and I’ll pass the info along.

I wanted to ask others who have replaced their washer/dryer which model they have purchased. I’ve recently been on the hunt for a new washer/dryer but am struggling to find one that will fit in through the laundry room doorway and onto the drain pan. I’m trying to avoid purchasing a set with a very small drum so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and have a great day!” 


I’d like to express my thanks to the folks who contribute to keeping our mailroom neat by seeing that packages are placed in the right spot. But I’d also like to caution people about moving USPS packages from a cubby to the “no unit number” shelf in the closet, especially if you’re not aware of the item having been there long. Our longtime mailman often recognizes names and places packages in the correct cubby even if the shipper omits the unit number. Once on the top closet shelf, a package is out of sight of the cameras and, I have reason to suspect, is a more tempting target for someone looking for an excuse to view it as abandoned and up for grabs.

There’s really no right answer here, since a package truly in the wrong cubby is hard for its owner to locate, but I wouldn’t rush to assume a USPS package needs moving just because the unit number is missing.

And for those of you wondering about this weekend’s mailroom incident, the police have identified the suspected culprit and the door has been repaired and secured. Management and the Board have been consulting with contractors and are discussing the possibility of further improvements to that door.

Building Security

Just a reminder to please avoid letting strangers follow you into the building. If you don’t know someone, ask them to use their own fob or wait for their host to buzz them in. If you aren’t comfortable doing even that, and you see someone hanging around the front entrance, consider using a different entrance. Our building is only as secure as we all make it.

Contractors, Contacts, & Colorful History

Someone in the building is looking to remodel/refresh their bathroom and is wondering if anyone has names of contractors they have successfully worked with that they could share. Please respond in the comments.

This website has been updated to reflect the new management company information but I can’t swear I got everything right. It’s a lot of info, a lot of changes, and a lot of links. If something doesn’t look right, feel free to let me know.

Several years ago I came across a colorful and totally forgotten bit of very local history which I’ve researched on and off ever since. The complete (well, as complete as I could make it) tale of the couple whose sensational 1914 trial for “exaggerated tangoing” had folks crowding Market Street for a seat in the old police court two buildings down can now be found here for anyone who’s interested. If you’re into historical oddities, it’s a fun story.

Front Door Keypad

Currently, the “0” button is not working on the front door call box keypad. If your unit contains a “0”, please use the arrows on the keypad to choose your unit and then press the green phone key to call your unit. Our property manager is working on a repair.