Snow Emergency Parking Ban

A snow emergency has been declared for Lowell with a parking ban going into effect at 8:00PM. To allow for plowing, and as per association policy, please remove any cars from the Canal Place surface lot before then to avoid being towed.

The city offers free parking for city residents during a snow emergency at two specific garages but NOT the Leo Roy Garage next door—residents without a monthly pass will still have to pay to park there. The two free garages are the Lower Locks Garage on Warren Street and the Ayotte Garage near the main post office.

The full announcement appears below or can be seen at the city site.

Christmas Tree Etiquette

This is my annual reminder that if you’re bringing a live tree into the building it should be wrapped in something so it doesn’t trail needles everywhere (we use an old sheet). And trees do not belong in the front elevator; please use the freight elevator.

All this goes double for when your take them out after the holiday and they’re shedding needles right and left. If you’re new to the process and wondering how disposal works, the city usually puts a map of free tree drop-off areas online after the 25th. There’s also a local Boy Scout troop that has offered pickup for a fee as a troop fundraiser in the past.

High Speed Internet Question

 A resident is wondering if anyone in the building has Gigabit service with Xfinity.  They’re wondering how fast a web connection our infrastructure will support.

My son did a bit of digging around online and found that the standards for high speed wiring go back further than one might expect but I don’t know when this building was wired for internet. I assume Cathy knows, but perhaps there’s someone else out there who remembers off the top of their head?

Snow Emergency Parking Ban 12/5/2020

Lowell has announced a snow emergency starting at 10:00am tomorrow with a parking ban starting at 4:00pm. Condo policy says that cars must be removed from the surface lot during a snow emergency to allow for plowing. Cars left in the lot are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

There is free parking available in certain garages for city residents during the snow emergency; unfortunately not in the Leo Roy garage next door. The official announcement appears below or can be seen by clicking here.

New Mailroom Fobs

Just a reminder to pick up your mailroom fob in the atrium this evening between 6:00 & 8:00, or on Saturday morning from 10:00 to noon. A lot of the fobs were picked up last evening—it would be great if we could get the rest out this evening and eliminate the Saturday session.

There will be one fob per unit for now; each household will need to share when it comes to picking up their mail and packages. The new fobs will not be active right away but an e-mail will go out in the next few days about the exact time of the switchover. Make sure management has your e-mail address when you pick up your fob.

These fobs are currently for mailroom access only. DO NOT discard your old fob—it will continue to be needed for entry to the building. In a few more weeks we should be switching all the doors to the new system. At that time management will supply each unit with additional fobs based on how many each household currently has. Extras will be available for purchase.

In short:

New fobs are available in the Atrium tonight 6-8pm or Saturday 10am-12pm. One per unit for now.

Fobs will not work immediately. Will become active for mailroom in a few days, replacing old fobs. Email notice will be sent.

Keep using old fobs for doors into the building for now. Doors will switch to the new fobs next month.

Smart Thermostat Suggestions?

A resident is  interested in knowing if anyone has had good luck finding a “smart” thermostat that connects to our heat pump setups. Any recommendations or warnings?

Feel free to post any info you have in the comments. Thanks much!

(and for those of you not sure what a “smart” thermostat is, here’s more info about them in general)

One More Word About Security…

The management, in cooperation with the board and a joint committee with representatives from all three buildings, is working on ways to secure the mailroom ASAP. In the meantime, if at all possible, please do not let people trail in behind you into our lobby. Residents are well within their rights to politely tell someone that they need to use their own fob or be let in by someone who knows them. If you’re uncomfortable with any sort of confrontation (like me), you might want to consider using our building’s side or back entrances where no one can pretend to be innocently waiting for someone to buzz them in.

Between cooler weather and masking up for safety reasons, our security cameras just aren’t much help identifying the package thieves. As an example, here’s an image of someone who came in behind a resident and then proceeded to rob the mailroom. He also clearly knew exactly where the camera was.

Please Be Alert

A resident has informed me that his girl friend was recently trailed in and out of the Leo Roy Garage and around the neighborhood by a grey Mercedes (police were called). This same resident also had an incident with a drone outside his window.

Not to add to anyone’s anxiety level in these challenging times, but please be mindful of your surroundings, and of the fact that living on the upper floors is no longer a guarantee of privacy. There are wonderful advantages to city living, but a bit of extra vigilance is advisable.

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