Christmas Tree Disposal

For anyone looking to dispose of their real Christmas tree, the city has drop off locations available from now through January 11th. Or if you’d like to have your tree picked up, you can make arrangements here. Be sure to remove all ornaments, lights, and tinsel prior to disposal or pickup.

Please be sure to wrap your tree in an old sheet or a plastic tarp when removing it from the building to avoid trailing needles through the halls. And trees do not belong in the front elevator—please use the freight elevator or the stairs. Thank you for your consideration.

Christmas Tree Needles

This reminder is probably a tad late, but please wrap your live tree when carrying it through the common areas so that it doesn’t leave needles everywhere. Our household keeps an old sheet on hand for just that purpose. This is even more important when taking a dry tree out after the holidays. And trees do not belong in the front elevator; please use the freight elevator.

For anyone who loves the idea of carrying home a tree rather than driving somewhere to get one, Mill no. 5 on Jackson Street will be selling trees today until 5:00 pm (or until they run out, whichever comes first). We just carried ours home from there—a tad windy, but fun in a nostalgic sort of way.

After Christmas, Lowell has drop-off sites for discarding trees. Plus there’s usually a Boy Scout troop that will pick them up for a fee as a fundraiser. I’ll try to post that information as it becomes available.

Community Meeting(s) Tonight

The following info was sent to me by a resident:

The city is holding a meeting tonight, Tuesday, 6:30 at LTC (246 Market Street) to present design ideas for a light barrier scrim on the new garage behind Canal 3. This project has gone through a series of budgetary adjustments, becoming starker and less green with each step. If you care about “what goes up in your backyard” please attend!

I can’t seem to find anything about this online but it’s definitely worth checking out for anyone interested.

There’s also a City Counsel meeting at City Hall this evening with a number of items on the agenda.

Snow Emergency

Lowell has declared a snow emergency as of 6:00 PM with an on-street parking ban going into effect at midnight. If your car is parked in the surface lot please be sure to move it to a garage so that the lot can be plowed. I don’t think anyone will be towed prior to the midnight deadline but there’s always some confusion about the time in between the start of the “emergency” and the start of the ban so sooner is better than later.

The Leo Roy Garage next door will charge for parking, but there is free parking for downtown residents at the Lower Locks garage on Warren Street, the Ayote garage by the Tsongas Arena, and the Downes garage on John Street. Once the snow emergency is lifted, cars must be removed from those garages within two hours or they’ll be charged.

City of Lights Festival

Lowell’s annual City of Lights Festival is tomorrow, the 30th. There will be caroling, trolley rides, skating, food trucks, crafts, and more. The City of Lights Parade begins at 4:30 and the City Hall Lighting takes place immediately thereafter.

Some of these activities will surely involve road closures, the parade in particular. I’ve been unable to find any online info, but the parade’s usual route is Jackson Street to Central to Merrimack to Arcand Drive so be aware that there may be traffic issues in the afternoon and evening if you’re driving anywhere. On the bright side traffic-wise, if you’re having any visitors tomorrow, there are signs about town saying parking in city garages will be free—but again, I haven’t found anything online to confirm that.

Trick-or-Treating on the 31st

The input I’ve gotten is running just slightly in favor of keeping Trick-or-Treating at Canal Place on Thursday the 31st despite Lowell changing the city-wide date to Nov. 1st. This isn’t a board-sponsored activity, nor is anyone in officially in charge of it, so there’s no one to make a formal decision. But I would encourage residents to stick with the original date and celebrate Halloween on Halloween, as planned, from 6-7:30. I know some people have set up their schedules that way and can’t change them.

That said, if anyone shows up at my door on Friday evening during those hours, they’re welcome to candy too!

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