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B.B. Post Requests

About sending post requests/suggestions: Please put the phrase “Bulletin Board” somewhere on the subject line. I get 100s of e-mails popping up in my inbox a day, most of them requests for money from one organization or another, and those words will get my attention.

Sometimes I’m focused on something else, and I set a request aside. If your post doesn’t appear within three days, or you don’t hear from me about some reason for a delay, it’s generally for one of four reasons. 1) I set it aside and forgot. 2) My evil spam filter decided to eat the message and I never saw it. 3) I mistook the information as being just for me because it wasn’t clearly stated as being for the Bulletin Board. Or 4) I’m researching the subject further before posting.

If your request seems to have disappeared, please feel free to contact me again. I welcome information from neighbors to share here and never deliberately ignore requests (even if there are occasionally days when I wonder why the heck I got myself into running this site! ūüėČ )

Owner Seeking Parking Space in Basement Garage

A request from a resident:

I am looking to rent or (or discuss the purchase of) a garage space in the basement. My roommate is a woman who works nights and would like to be able to park inside the building when she arrives home late so that¬†she doesn’t have to walk in from the public garage.¬†

Please reach out to me at (908) 246-6204 to discuss. Thank you!

Another Meeting re:246.1 Market St.

There will be an online Planning Board meeting on Monday, June 15th at 6:30, and revised plans for the building attached to the rear of Canal Place are on the agenda. The new plans only have three undersized units (instead of 17), for which they’ll be requesting a Planning Board variance under the Artist Overlay District zoning. The total number of units planned has dropped from 29 to 23.

The agenda is here.

The revised floor plans are here.

And the revised list of proposed units and sizes is here.

Instructions for accessing the online meeting appear below and in the agenda, plus there is a large list of plans and comments related to the project available online (including the two items I linked above).

You may access the meeting in four ways: 

1. Join via your computer, tablet, or smartphone: 

 2. Call (872) 240-3412 and enter the Access Code: 930-669-877

 3. Watch LTC Channel 99

4. Watch online at:


Just a reminder to please check the mailroom for your packages on a regular basis. They seem to be piling up a bit and getting in the way. It’s easy to forget about them with so many of us not venturing out of our units much. Thanks!

Spray Painting

Association rules specify that the common areas are not to be used for anything except walking to and from one’s unit or walking for exercise. It goes without saying that spray painting on the common area carpeting is not acceptable behavior. If anyone would like to step up and take responsibility for the damage on the fourth floor near the rear staircase, or to offer information as to who is responsible, it would be much appreciated. Based on the glitter also left behind, this was a craft project of some sort. Please contact Cathy at Royal Management or phone her at 978-521-999.

The best thing to do for spray painting projects is to take them to a friend or family member’s house where there is a private yard or garage. It may be possible to do very small, quick projects inside a large, trashbag-lined box within your unit (with window open and fans on), or to take a drop cloth to some secluded spot outside to spritz an item. But please, please be respectful of your neighbors and our common property and never spray paint in the common areas!

Zoning Board Online Hearing re: 246.1 Market St.

Some time ago we all received notices about a hearing regarding the number of units to be allowed in the derelict building attached to the rear of Canal Place. That hearing was postponed and is now taking place tomorrow online. More information about the meeting and how to participate can be found here. Information about the plans themselves is available here.

The original post on this subject in March is here, although the variance being requested will only mean the difference between 25 units and 29, not the huge jump the post mentions. It appears we have no say over most of the increase, only the last four the developer would like to squeeze in.

Please spread the word to any neighbors you think might not subscribe to the Bulletin Board. Since abutters notices were mailed earlier this year, there will be no additional communication of this information beyond the bulletin board outside of City Hall.

Garage Space & PSA

First, the Public Service Announcement:

I know a lot of people are stocked up on groceries right now because of the current situation. If you are not absolutely sure that mice cannot get in your unit, and you are currently storing food anywhere other than inside mouse-proof cabinets, it needs to be in mouse-proof containers. That little closet most people have by their downstairs half-bath is an easy target for the critters, even on the top shelf (as we just learned the hard way).

Secondly, I’ve been asked to post the following:

Underneath garage spot available for monthly rental.  $75.00.
Please contact Fred at: 610-360-5914