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Smart Thermostat Suggestions?

A resident is  interested in knowing if anyone has had good luck finding a “smart” thermostat that connects to our heat pump setups. Any recommendations or warnings?

Feel free to post any info you have in the comments. Thanks much!

(and for those of you not sure what a “smart” thermostat is, here’s more info about them in general)

One More Word About Security…

The management, in cooperation with the board and a joint committee with representatives from all three buildings, is working on ways to secure the mailroom ASAP. In the meantime, if at all possible, please do not let people trail in behind you into our lobby. Residents are well within their rights to politely tell someone that they need to use their own fob or be let in by someone who knows them. If you’re uncomfortable with any sort of confrontation (like me), you might want to consider using our building’s side or back entrances where no one can pretend to be innocently waiting for someone to buzz them in.

Between cooler weather and masking up for safety reasons, our security cameras just aren’t much help identifying the package thieves. As an example, here’s an image of someone who came in behind a resident and then proceeded to rob the mailroom. He also clearly knew exactly where the camera was.

Please Be Alert

A resident has informed me that his girl friend was recently trailed in and out of the Leo Roy Garage and around the neighborhood by a grey Mercedes (police were called). This same resident also had an incident with a drone outside his window.

Not to add to anyone’s anxiety level in these challenging times, but please be mindful of your surroundings, and of the fact that living on the upper floors is no longer a guarantee of privacy. There are wonderful advantages to city living, but a bit of extra vigilance is advisable.

Annual Meeting @ 5:30, plus a Callout for Artists

The condo association’s annual meeting will be held this evening at 5:30 on the roof deck/fifth floor of the Leo Roy Garage. If weather or sound conditions warrant it, it may be moved down a floor to the fourth level. Please wear a mask and bring your own chair. And please be considerate of other people’s space when using the garage elevator and when placing your chair.

Also, a message from Georgi;

Hi everyone! When I walked into the back elevator the day after Ron had done some work in it, I thought how nice it was to have some color in that area. I made the suggestion to Cathy that maybe it might be a nice idea to do an abstract with color or a mural in that back elevator to make it come alive. She has asked me to check with anyone who might be interested in doing something like that to send a proposal to her so that she could talk to the board about it.

Is there anyone interested in doing that kind of thing?

I think it would be wonderful for that back elevator. No more dull gray, just bunches of color!

Hearing 9/23 re:Canal St. & Francis St.

For those of you who received and read the notice about a public hearing on the 23rd, and who are wondering where Francis Street in Lowell is, it doesn’t exist yet. Unless I’m mistaken, it will be a roadway looping around what is now the Visitor’s Center parking lot and will allow access to both the new garage and the back way into our parking lot.

Related information can be found through the links here. If you look at the detailed plans, my understanding is that the street labeled “Street F” will become part of Canal Street (and/or possibly part of Broadway St), and the street labeled “Street G” will become Francis Street.

The agenda for the meeting and information on how to participate can be found here.

Voting & Ballot Drop-Off

For those who were planning to use mail-in ballots for tomorrow’s state primary but haven’t actually done anything with them in yet, there is (according to the city website) a drop-off box inside the City Hall entrance on the JFK Plaza side of the building. Completed ballots must be returned by tomorrow at 8:00pm.

(Update: I was just over there and there’s a slot in the door as shown in the photo, not a separate box inside the building.. There’s a secure, black box bolted to the floor on the other side of the door which the slot feeds directly into.)

If you’re planning to vote in person tomorrow, our building is in ward 2, precinct 3, and we vote at Lowell High Cafeteria. More voting information can be found here. Usual poll hours are 7:00am to 8:00pm