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Lost Dog

A lost dog was found curled up on the top floor of the Hamilton Canal garage (the new garage behind Canal Place 3). I believe the parking attendant has him in the garage office if anyone knows the owner.

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Snow Emergency Ending & Winterfest

Today’s snow emergency officially ends at 3:00. Cars taking advantage of free city garage parking have until 6:00pm to remove their vehicles or they’ll incur parking charges.

Winterfest is this coming weekend and a good bit of it is taking place on Palmer and Middle Streets. Parking and driving in those areas will be affected from 10:00am Friday through Saturday evening. Please plan accordingly.

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Snow Emergency Declared for 5:30pm

A snow emergency has been declared beginning at 5:30PM today with a parking ban starting six hours later at 11:30PM. All cars must be removed from our surface lot by 11:30PM to allow for plowing or they will be subject to towing. The city offers residents free parking during a snow emergency at the Hamilton Canal garage behind Canal Place 3. The Hamilton garage is accessed from Dutton Street.

Parking at the Leo Roy garage next door is NOT free and the Association will NOT refund fees incurred during the parking ban.

Used Gaming/Desk Chair for Free

We’re getting rid of a two-year-old Maingear Forma GT MK II gaming chair. Because the current owner works full-time online, he needs a serious workhorse of a chair, and this one no longer qualifies. It would be great to be able to re-home it rather than just tossing it. The reclining mechanism no longer works (everything else seems to), and there’s a loop of spring peeking through the seat that needs addressing (see second photo), but for someone who needs a desk chair for minimal cost (free!) this might be an option. Email me if you’re interested.

Propped Doors & a Smoking Reminder

If anyone notices a chemical smell in the atrium this morning, it’s from trying to remove the marks on the carpet that were left when a propped door allowed boys on bikes to come in and “play.” Please don’t prop doors open unless you’re right there keeping an eye on things!!

Also, our documents were amended in 2015 to prohibit smoking within 30 feet of any entrance to the building. While it’s tempting to stand by an entrance in the winter for a quick smoke, especially in that nice out-of-the-wind corner by the loading dock, the smoke gets into the adjacent unit and causes problems, even triggering a smoke detector on occasion. Please be considerate and step away from the building.

Fob Reader Issues & Responsible Pet Ownership

FYI, some fob readers may be out on and off over the next few days as our electrician reruns the wiring through conduits to meet code requirements for the basement project. The loading dock one appears to be down for the weekend.

There have been reports of little green doggie poop bags dropped in common areas recently. Seriously!? If you don’t want to bring it into your unit for disposal, at least drop the bag down a trash chute. If anyone knows who is doing this, feel free to let management know. The board has the right to issue fines for this sort of nonsense.

My personal thanks to all the responsible pet owners out there.


Please be aware that a squirrel has found its way into the mailroom. He seems to retreat to the ceiling void quickly when faced with humans, but he’s already helped himself to the contents of a Chewy box so the faster folks pick up their packages the better. Management has been informed of the situation and should be addressing it on Monday.

Hardware Help (& an image question)

From Georgi: Hi. I have a bifold door in great shape but with terrible hardware attached. I have the appropriate hardware kit to replace all the broken pieces but need a hand to get it done. Is there anyone who could help me with this? I have a Dunkin’ Donuts card to say thank you once the door is operable again! Please call me at 978-764-5570 if you think you could help me.

And a question from your web admin: Many years ago someone introduced me to a fascinating B&W photo of our building pre-condo-conversion that showed the fire escapes that used to run down the Market Street side. It was taken maybe around 1970 and had a couple of people getting some fresh air on the fire escape. Is anyone familiar with the photo I mean? It came to mind for a possible project and I’m trying to track it down. Feel free to answer in the comments or email me at