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Just When the Worst is Past…Zombies!

After a rough 20 months of building problems and other bad news, things are finally leveling out and the future looks bright, only for us to learn that our latest trial to deal with will be The Walking Dead! 😉

Market Street between Shattuck and Palmer Streets will be closed to traffic all day on Tuesday, June 18th, for a film crew. 
• Police will be on site to help residents navigate the situation, but they will be directing people to use the back way in and out of the lot as much as possible. 
• This back access near Canal Place 3 and the former Visitor Center Parking Lot off Dutton is NOT normally legal because it involves driving across a sidewalk and over a high curb, but the City will be allowing it in this instance. 
• Efforts are underway to put in a temporary ramp for those people whose low-slung cars are not suitable to drive over that curb. 
• When necessary, police will be helping vehicles through our front entrance, but cars will only be able to turn right when exiting our lot. 
• Some filming will be taking place in our driveway near Market Street, so that entrance will be completely blocked at times. 
• Please be patient and be sure to allow extra time for getting in and out of our lot. 
• Access to the Leo Roy Garage should only be minimally affected, if at all. 

If you’re a landlord with tenants in the building, please don’t let them be caught unawares!

AC Question & History Presentation

I just heard from a resident whose upstairs AC isn’t working and who had two questions: Are there any AC problems going on in the building that might explain it? And who can they call for service if A1 Maintenance isn’t available for another week? I gave them the reset instructions for the pump (which I’ll post below) but does anyone have any other info to offer?

Also, I’m doing a Zoom presentation this coming Thursday evening about a sensational, absurd, and long-forgotten Tango Trial that took place on our block 110 years ago. If you’re interested, information can be found on the Folk Arts Center of New England website.

Here’s how to reset a heat pump if your system is blowing out tepid air:

  1. Turn on the thermostat so that the heat pump is running.
  2. Turn off the circuit breaker for that heat pump (it should be marked in the electrical box).
  3. Leave it off for 30 – 60 seconds.
  4. Turn the circuit breaker back on.
  5. In about 10-15 minutes the heat pump should be functioning normally.
  6. If the heat pump is still not working properly or the problem reoccurs, consult a professional.

TeamWalk for CancerCare (& flower info)

The begonias are due to arrive at 7am tomorrow. Planting will start then and continue for as long as it takes. Feel free to join in whenever you can!

Lowell General Hospital’s TeamWalk for CancerCare is this Sunday. This is a 3 mile fundraising walk for a worthy cause; funds raised help to provide support services for cancer patients. Please consider signing up to walk or donate.

Also, be aware that the event route does take the walk right past us so it may affect Sunday morning traffic in the area.

Planting Flowers and Open Doors

Thursday is planting day for the islands in our parking lot. About 2000 begonias will be arriving that morning and volunteers are needed to come dig in and get it done. Bring gloves, garden trowels, and knee mats if you have them but there should also be some on hand.

Doors Open Lowell will be this Saturday with varying times for different sites. This is a great chance to see the inside of some of those buildings you’ve always wondered about, as well as some key places from Lowell’s early years such as the tunnels under Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union.

Reminders & Parking Prices

A reminder that the lobby office will NOT be open tomorrow but will have hours Sunday morning from 9 to 11 instead.

If you have a basement parking space and haven’t yet returned your temporary Leo Roy pass, please do so! Envelopes were provided in the basement vestibule to make it easy.

An increase in garage parking rates is on the agenda for the City Council meeting on Tuesday. Even if you don’t pay for a space in the Leo Roy garage yourself, it’s a blow to the Association budget. Anyone wishing to comment can attend the meeting or contact the City Council via the city website.

Assorted Important Info—Please Read Full Post

  1. If you are a unit owner who plans to pay your share of the loan up front, you’re running out of time to do so. Payment MUST be RECEIVED by May1st to avoid 10 years of interest.
  2. If you own a basement space and were storing things in it, PLEASE take a few minutes to make sure your things didn’t land in the wrong space after the remodel. These wandering items will be removed and discarded when requested by the affected space owners. There are photos at the end of this post of some items slated for removal if they’re not retrieved ASAP.
  3. Management is working on getting the remote opening system for the garage door working again. Last I saw, the door was being left open for easy access/egress.
  4. Flats of begonias are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, May 16th and planting will begin as soon as they arrive. We’ll have 2000 begonias to fill the usual garden plots, so volunteers are much appreciated!
  5. The lobby office will be closed this Saturday morning and will be open Sunday from 9:00 to 11:00am instead.

The bike rack and potting mix below are in space #9 which switched owners during the remodel—no idea if they belong to the old owner or to someone else. The little table has been removed from the garage but will be returned on request (contact me). The tall cabinet is one of many in the garage but does not belong to space #7 where it currently stands.

Garage Door Opener

Something is wonky with the garage door opener. We are trying to get a tech out to fix it. In the meantime, people who have already returned their parking pass and find themselves stuck outside have four options (below). DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE SURFACE LOT PAST 6:00PM—IT WILL GET TOWED.

  1. Have a friend push the button in the basement that opens the door while you wait outside so that you can drive in.
  2. Come to the lobby office between 5:30 and 6:30 and I will give you back your Leo Roy Garage pass until this is straightened out.
  3. Park in the Roy Garage and pay as you go.
  4. If you miss the office hour, email me and I’ll try to get you a pass.