We have 2 composting bins on the secondary parking lot side of the building. These are meant for vegetable and plant material only, but if used properly will save on garbage, water & power use in our units, and create valuable composted soil for our flower beds—all good things. If we find that they are filling up, we can add another one.

  • When using the bins, always be sure the lid is on and locked securely by twisting it.
  • Do not open the bottom sliding door!

The rules are:

  • Drop off only plant material, peelings, rotten veggies etc.
  • Also good: old potted plants and soil from same
  • no paper, plastic or litter box material (even if they are “compostable”)
  • No animal waste
  • no meat, bones, fat, eggs or eggshells (we do not want to tempt the rodent population)
  • No huge chunks of stuff —whole watermelons, coconuts, etc. Chopping compostables into smaller pieces helps them break down faster.
  • Please dispose of your plastic bags properly

Thank you!

—Mary H.

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