Parking Ban Notifications

While watching the snow and wondering when one’s car will need to be moved again, now might be a good time to sign up for notifications through the LPD’s Code Red. A number of other options for keeping track of snow emergencies are listed on the Snow Center page of (I personally have more faith in Code Red than in their Notify Me system).

My own preferred way to keep track of snow emergencies is by regularly checking the LPD Facebook page; it also helps that I have a neighbor who follows this stuff more closely and routinely gives me a heads up. That said, please do NOT depend on this website for notifications—if I’m occupied or can’t get to a computer then nothing will get posted.

Additionally, while the board and management do their best to have email blasts go out, that’s not always possible, especially on weekends. It is the responsibility of residents to keep track of the weather and move their cars as needed.

2 thoughts on “Parking Ban Notifications”

  1. Code RED is very reliable. I get their voicemails promptly regarding snow emergencies. I highly recommend signing up for their notifications.

    1. The city Snow Center page only links to their old Notify Me system, which I signed up for years ago. My account says I’m still signed up for a whole raft of notifications, but it also says that it hasn’t send one since 2019—I’ve no idea why.

      Code Red calls my cell, my landline, and texts me. I gave it both phone numbers in case I was out and other household members were home, but it’s actually kinda annoying to have it call each number one after the other so including both phone numbers might not have been a good idea.

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