Fob Reader Issues & Responsible Pet Ownership

FYI, some fob readers may be out on and off over the next few days as our electrician reruns the wiring through conduits to meet code requirements for the basement project. The loading dock one appears to be down for the weekend.

There have been reports of little green doggie poop bags dropped in common areas recently. Seriously!? If you don’t want to bring it into your unit for disposal, at least drop the bag down a trash chute. If anyone knows who is doing this, feel free to let management know. The board has the right to issue fines for this sort of nonsense.

My personal thanks to all the responsible pet owners out there.

One thought on “Fob Reader Issues & Responsible Pet Ownership”

  1. Yeesh. I hope this is not the same individual(s) that warranted the signage on the dog poop bag convenience box that had to remind folks not to use as a mini poop dumpster.

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