New Insurance, Free Stuff, & Contractor Info

Reminder: The building has new master insurance with significant changes. Info has gone out via email and snail mail. Owners need to update their own insurance accordingly.

An owner is giving away a storage cabinet (beige) that came with his basement space and that he doesn’t want. See photo below and contact me if you’re interested.

I have a large quantity of packing materials free for the taking, including bubble wrap, paper, and more. If you’re wrapping items for transport or need heavy brown paper for an art project, stop by the lobby office Saturday morning between 9 and 11 and grab some.

Individual unit owners sometimes share advice here about contractors they’ve used successfully. The search feature is a great tool for finding suggestions in old posts. An owner recently used a new contractor that they were enthusiastic enough about to want to share so I’ll be tucking that info in the comments for this post. As always, owners need to do their own research and be sure to submit the required forms to management before undertaking any work on their unit.

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  1. Here’s what an owner wrote about Yey and Jay Contractors (
    I have a handyman recommendation I’d love to share with other residents if allowed. This guy can fix a wide variety of things from electrical and carpentry to small window repairs, cabinets etc. Reasonable prices, comes when agreed on, no project too small. Also friendly and pleasant!

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