Christmas Tree Etiquette

This is my annual reminder that if you’re bringing a live tree into the building it should be wrapped in something so it doesn’t trail needles everywhere (we use an old sheet). And trees do not belong in the front elevator; please use the freight elevator.

All this goes double for when your take them out after the holiday and they’re shedding needles right and left. If you’re new to the process and wondering how disposal works, the city usually puts a map of free tree drop-off areas online after the 25th. There’s also a local Boy Scout troop that has offered pickup for a fee as a troop fundraiser in the past.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Etiquette”

  1. I have to admit, I’ve never understood the front elevator / back elevator distinction – I get lift capacity issues for furniture and stuff necessitating at the back but the dogs/trees/etc. thing seems arbitrary.

    And like, I can see how this insistence on using the back elevator is pretty inconvenient for the half of us living in the front half of the building. It just seems like a big ask.

    What am I missing?


  2. Hi Jack

    The dog thing is for people who may be allergic to animals. Leaving 1 elevator animal-free is a courtesy to our residents. We also have people who have a fear of animals so, again, a courtesy.

    I think the tree ring transported only in the back elevator makes sense for space in the elevator or even if people have allergies to the needles .or the sap that may come from the trees.

    There may be other reasons but these are the ones that I’ve always thought about as being why we use only the back elevator.

    Have a great Christmas and hope your tree looks beautiful!

    1. Makes sense, thanks for the clarification. It would help in general when stuff likes this gets posted if we include Why – context matters!


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