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Annual Meeting, Info Table, And A magic Festival

The Annual Meeting is this coming Wednesday at 7:00 at the National Park Service Visitors Center in the auditorium. Please come!

There will be an informational table about the annual meeting and the building in general in the lobby today from 10:00 to 4:00. Come stop by and chat. Talk to a board member. Have a molasses cookie. You can fill out a proxy for the annual meeting if you don’t expect to make it on Wednesday.

And finally, a call out for volunteers. The Midsummers Dream Festival is happening downtown on June 22nd. This the second year of a family friendly fantasy festival that was warmly received in its debut year. There are roving performers, children’s crafts, a maze, book readings, a dress-up area, vendors, and live Shakespeare in the evening. The festival operates on a shoestring (and happily for downtown residents doesn’t involve any road closures) but we really need volunteers to sign up for set up and take down and helping with the running of things, particularly the kid’s crafts. Come join in the fun!

(Yours truly will be performing at the festival with her husband as dancing centaurs. We’ve never tried to dance with a bunch of extra legs before so it should be quite the sight!)

Info Table in Lobby Today

There will be members of the Board of Trustees in the lobby today from 10 to 4 offering various information, and to answer any questions they can about subjects of interest to residents. The Board will also be encouraging owners to attend the annual meeting on May 22nd (or fill out a proxy form) and to consider running for the open Board seat this spring. 

And there will be cookies! (at least for as long as they last)

Cleaning Service Recommendation?

A resident e-mailed for recommendations. It’s been two years since the last discussion on the subject, so it seems worth revisiting. Please post any suggestions in the comments. Thanks!

“Just looking for personal recommendations for a new house cleaner. I really would like to hear from my fellow residents who feel they have found a cleaner who is responsible, honest and has an attention to detail. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!”

Spring Fling

For those of you who haven’t already come across the signs scattered about the building, there’s an impromptu gathering in the alley between our building and Canal Place 2 at 5:58 this evening to celebrate the official departure of winter—and to say “hi” to your neighbors while enjoying the hint of spring that’s in the air today. Please bring your own beverage and chair.

Snow Emergency

A snow emergency has been declared for 6:00 this evening with a parking ban on city streets beginning at midnight. The association rules are a tad fuzzy on whether this means cars need to be moved from the surface lot by 6:00 or by 12:00 to avoid being towed, but given that the snow is supposed to be starting around 8:00, sooner would be better than later. Thank you for your cooperation.

The city offers free parking for residents who do not have access to off-street parking during the ban at three locations: the Ayotte Parking Facility, 1 Post Office Square, the Downes Garage, 75 John Street, and the Lower Locks Garage, 90 Warren Street. Cars parked in those locations need to be moved within two hours of the ban being lifted to avoid being charged. The Leo Roy Garage next door to our building requires paying a fee.

Winterfest & more

Lowell’s annual Winterfest takes place at JFK Plaza and along Arcand Street starting at 5:00 tonight. The festival runs through tomorrow evening with lots of music and food and fun. Tomorrow also includes the Chocolate Festival at St. Anne’s and the annual Soup Competition at the Masonic Center. Don’t miss a great chance to shake off cabin fever!

Needless to say, Arcand Drive will be closed for the duration.

And, while I was trying (unsuccessfully) to find some official statement about Winterfest road closures, I found a different piece of info for the downtown area. It appears work on the high school roof will involve rerouting some traffic beginning Monday.

Lost Cat

A message from Georgi:

Lost Cat – I had workers in my unit today (4th floor) and he must have slipped out the open door because I can’t find Bear the Cat anywhere in my unit.

Bear has only been with me for a few weeks so he doesn’t come when called.

He’s a 15-lb dark tabby and if you have found him don’t let him near any food – he is a feline vacuum!

Please call me if you have seen him.  – 978-764-5570

Thank you.

Furniture Assembly Help

A request from Georgi:

I bought a ‘put-it-together-yourself’ desk; figured “how tough can it be?”

I’ve discovered that my brain doesn’t twist that way and it’s REALLY hard – for me. 

I’m looking for someone whose brain can handle this type of instruction manual, ‘cause it’s way beyond me!

If you think you can handle it – and you want to earn a little extra money – please give me a call. The desk is in my loft area just waiting for someone who knows what they are doing.

Give me a call – 978-764-5570 – and you can have a look to see if you want to give it a go.

I’m really looking forward to my new desk! —Georgi May