Spray Painting

Association rules specify that the common areas are not to be used for anything except walking to and from one’s unit or walking for exercise. It goes without saying that spray painting on the common area carpeting is not acceptable behavior. If anyone would like to step up and take responsibility for the damage on the fourth floor near the rear staircase, or to offer information as to who is responsible, it would be much appreciated. Based on the glitter also left behind, this was a craft project of some sort. Please contact Cathy at Royal Management or phone her at 978-521-999.

The best thing to do for spray painting projects is to take them to a friend or family member’s house where there is a private yard or garage. It may be possible to do very small, quick projects inside a large, trashbag-lined box within your unit (with window open and fans on), or to take a drop cloth to some secluded spot outside to spritz an item. But please, please be respectful of your neighbors and our common property and never spray paint in the common areas!

2 thoughts on “Spray Painting”

    1. There’s been red spray paint overspray on the fourth floor back landing for about a year and a half. That was also clearly a no-no although not quite as blatant. Or is there something new?

      I periodically need to spray paint for one craft project or another, virtually all of them as volunteer for some local festival, and I tie myself in knots trying to avoid damaging anything inside my unit or out, as well as not bothering anyone with the smell. Spray painting in the common areas and not even bothering to protect the surface properly with an old sheet just boggles my mind!

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