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It’s been awhile since there was a post looking for plumber recommendations so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw this question out there and see if there were any new suggestions. I know that in the past one particular name has come up over and over.

Hi, just thought we’d reach out to see if anyone had recommendations for a plumber.

A couple years ago we had a handyman come through and note that there is some kind of over-pressure device on our toilets to deal with the fact that the pipes run horizontally out of the unit for a few feet before dropping. It’s like a plastic housing inside the tank. He said both devices appeared to be slowly failing.

I think we’re there now. Our downstairs toilet takes forever to refill and the flush is very slow. Upstairs is fine, but it looks like both units might just need some maintenance.

Anyone had a plumber they like working with here? There are so many in the area it’s kind of creating its own analysis paralysis.

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  1. I just had Dan Corbitt out last week to fix my running toilet and rebuild the bathtub faucet. Pricy–but he knows a lot about our units and the plumbing . We talked about our backflow toilets and potential issues as well. I feel like it was high quality work, no nonsense, and he’s a very nice guy as well!

    His # is: 978-250-0379

    1. Frank Potvin is a common recommendation. I’ve had him in a few times in the past few years, and he always does great work. I’m pretty sure he has been in every unit in the building at least once, and I run into him in the elevator a few times a year.

      I assume most good plumbers are going to be pricey, but I haven’t done much comparison shopping. Frank isn’t cheap, but he does seem efficient.

  2. I used New Era Plumbing and HVAC out of Dracut to replace my upstairs toilet.
    Would absolutely recommend them. They came within 2 days of me calling and asking.

  3. Can’t recall if if posted this before, but if you have one of the Flushmate systems with the black bladder in the toilet tank that fires off waste out like a confederate musket every time you hit the lever you probably want to get the free replacement kit they send you given the manufacturer recall (below) that can cause the original designs to explode inside your tank and send porcelain shrapnel all over one’s bathroom at the very moment when you’re least able to duck and cover.

    Had a slow drain leak caused by the failed part in one bathroom, called Flushmate’s toll free number, and the folks on the other end of the phone were wonderful about explaining how to replace the part, mailing a couple free kits, and saving whatever the crazy rate that the local plumbers quoted to replace the entire toilet, which is both unnecessary and expensive.

    Concerning recommendations, I recently discovered Joe Keane out of Billerica on referral from a friend: (978) 569-5970. Came out same day, nice guy, and not an overpriced know-it-all that charges $600 to slide a toilet into place with a wax ring that fails after 2-3 years.

    If you’re seeing popped bath tiles and failing grout you’re probably already dealing with a failed wax ring. That’s particularly the case after the most knowledgeable home inspector I know reminded me that wall mount backflo toilets are intended to only be mounted with a neoprene gasket, gaskets that can picked up for $18.71 at FW Webb across town.

    Here’s the info on the super soaker Flushmate recall for any interested in getting free parts replacements and the retrofit steel band that wraps around the plastic tank bladder and prevents a rupture from shattering the porcelain tank itself:

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