Looking for a Good Body Shop

A resident got rear-ended recently and is looking for recommendations for a good body shop that does top notch work and knows Subarus. If anyone has any suggestions, please post in the comments or shoot me an email and I’ll forward it. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Looking for a Good Body Shop”

  1. Pak Auto Body in Lowell. Independently owned and honest shop. Paul’s been working on family cars for years. Great shop!

    (978) 453-4048
    464 Woburn St
    Lowell, MA 01876

  2. Van’s Collision Center, 599 Dutton Street, was recommended to me by my mechanic (Michael Isaak at Lowell Auto Service) for work on my Mom’s 2016 Honda Civic. The work was flawless, and he perfectly matched both the metallic paint (not a trivial thing) and the custom pinstriping in addition to taking care of the sheet metal and trim work.

    I’ll add a little story: I had him take a look at some dings on my 2002 Passat. While looking rust forming on the front edge of the hood, he noticed the gas pistons didn’t hold the weight anymore. He went in back and retrieved two he had kept from a previous job, and installed them on the spot. He even refused payment. (Small job, appreciation for my Mom’s business, etc.)

    Highly recommended.

  3. Thanks to everyone who shared your experiences with and recommendations for body shops! Very much appreciated!

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