B.B. Post Requests

About sending post requests/suggestions: Please put the phrase “Bulletin Board” somewhere on the subject line. I get 100s of e-mails popping up in my inbox a day, most of them requests for money from one organization or another, and those words will get my attention.

Sometimes I’m focused on something else, and I set a request aside. If your post doesn’t appear within three days, or you don’t hear from me about some reason for a delay, it’s generally for one of four reasons. 1) I set it aside and forgot. 2) My evil spam filter decided to eat the message and I never saw it. 3) I mistook the information as being just for me because it wasn’t clearly stated as being for the Bulletin Board. Or 4) I’m researching the subject further before posting.

If your request seems to have disappeared, please feel free to contact me again. I welcome information from neighbors to share here and never deliberately ignore requests (even if there are occasionally days when I wonder why the heck I got myself into running this site! 😉 )

One thought on “B.B. Post Requests”

  1. Ruth – I hope people understand the amount of time and effort that you put into this bulletin board site. And I hope that they understand this is strictly a volunteer situation for you. I know I am one who really appreciate it. Thank you!

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