A Few Words about Boards & Independence

It’s been suggested that I remind people that even though I’m now on the Association Board, this website and bulletin board remain unofficial and independent of both the Board and the building management. I built it in 2014 as a way to organize useful information and as a way to share info between residents; it is not now, nor has it ever been, the mouthpiece of anyone official.

I continue to encourage people to e-mail me with anything they’d like to see posted on this bulletin board.

Speaking of which, does anyone need any bubblewrap? I have a couple of large sheets I hate to trash. Just let me know if you’d like them and I can drop them at your door or leave them outside mine for pickup.

I also want to remind people that this site has a section with a number of useful condo docs that can be reached via the links page by clicking the residents’ and owners’ filing cabinet link. It’s not one of the more obvious links and newer people may not have noticed it.

Fireworks tonight are 9:00 at LeLacheur Park. The park opens at 6:00 and has a number of family friendly activities starting at 7:00. For those who prefer something quieter, a spot along the riverwalk on the Merrimack (bring your own blanket or chairs) offers a lovely view of the fireworks over the park as well as all the illegal ones that are invariably shot off across the river. Happy Independence Day to All!

One thought on “A Few Words about Boards & Independence”

  1. Thank you for that update “new board member” and congratulations on your win!! Yes, we ALL have to understand that this “bulletin” board is for INFO only and NOTHING “official”!! Happy 4th Independence Day!!! Enjoy and be safe!!

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