Request for info: Tankless Water Heater

A resident has the following question:
“I will be replacing my water heater soon; currently I have a regular Tank water heater.  I am interested in knowing if anyone in the building has installed a Tankless Water Heater – Point of Use.  If they have, what is their experience with the Tankless and would they recommend installing one, or not?  Also, possibly, who did the installation.”
Please feel free to used the comment feature to offer any input.  Thanks!

Downtown two-way traffic

For anyone who hasn’t heard, and for those who have heard and want more details, the following streets will become two-way around dawn on August 16th (they’re painting double yellow lines at 4am): Market, Merrimack, Central, and Shattuck (no, they’re not painting a line on the cobblestones, they’re using barrels and cones for the moment).

Palmer, Middle, and Prescott will remain one way.

The idea of all this is to make access to downtown businesses easier and to give more of a small town feel.  Personally, I thought our claim to fame was being the first industrial city in the US, but I suppose there’s something to be said for encouraging commerce.

For a detailed map:

For more info:



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