Another Meeting re:246.1 Market St.

There will be an online Planning Board meeting on Monday, June 15th at 6:30, and revised plans for the building attached to the rear of Canal Place are on the agenda. The new plans only have three undersized units (instead of 17), for which they’ll be requesting a Planning Board variance under the Artist Overlay District zoning. The total number of units planned has dropped from 29 to 23.

The agenda is here.

The revised floor plans are here.

And the revised list of proposed units and sizes is here.

Instructions for accessing the online meeting appear below and in the agenda, plus there is a large list of plans and comments related to the project available online (including the two items I linked above).

You may access the meeting in four ways: 

1. Join via your computer, tablet, or smartphone: 

 2. Call (872) 240-3412 and enter the Access Code: 930-669-877

 3. Watch LTC Channel 99

4. Watch online at:

5 thoughts on “Another Meeting re:246.1 Market St.”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for posting!

    I’m impressed with the revisions and the effort to create a positive design that suits the neighborhood as well as neighborhood concerns. Geometry could have easily enabled 24 units or more, but the design prioritizes livability and comes in at 23. Because there are 3 units beneath the zoning guidelines of 750 square feet per unit, the developer is seeking a variance under the Artist Overlay District guidelines. I’m eager to support this design!



      1. Good question. I have to assume that’s a mistake on the agenda because the new proposals, dated June 8th and 11th, are on the list of materials—but I can’t personally swear to it.

      2. I just heard from Cathy that the agenda carries the original project submittal title thru the process, even when it has been amended. Changing names looses continuity.

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