2 Meetings and 2 Trifles

The Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association will be having a meeting tonight at 7:00 at the LTC offices next door. 

The Canal Place monthly board meeting will be held Wednesday night in the lobby office at 7:00. Residents welcome.

And two trifles from last night’s potluck supper:
Since I mentioned my Lowell dance history book to people, I figured I’d offer a link to the book’s website (the book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble but it’s probably cheaper and faster to buy a copy from me). If you’re not particularly interested in the early history of Lowell’s social scene but the history of downtown buildings fascinates you, you can also find what I’m quite sure is THE most detailed history of the Railroad Bank building (east end of the Bon Marché building) on the site as well as a walking tour of dance sites in old Lowell and some minor corrections to the building info that’s in the book.

Trifle number two is this amazing, well, trifle created by Don Trite for the party last night (thanks for the pic, Georgi). For those who didn’t get a chance to try it, let me say, it was even yummier than it looks! Hope to see you all at another gathering soon.

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