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I’ve never heard of anything like this question from a first floor owner; it sounds like something bizarre is going on with their incoming plumbing. If anyone has any advice for them, please put it in the comments

I’ve been having this issue since moving in mid-winter, and I’m trying to find the root cause:

When I turn on the shower, the water flows clear and hot. However, when I try to use the bathtub spout, the water turns brown and runs cold. I replaced my water heater, and the bathtub is the only faucet with this issue. 

Anyone know what the cause might be, or has anyone had a similar issue?

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  1. This is not my advice; I never heard of this problem before. I called Ron Queenan because he knows more about this building than anyone. He says it could be the control valve. He also said that, if it is a SIMMONS control valve, it’s probably the SET SCREW on the valve. If it is a SIMMONS control, the guts can be replaced inside the housing. If it is NOT, the whole control valve will probably need to be replaced. Ron recommends DRAINS by JAMES (out of Wilmington I believe). I’ve also used Frank Potvin (out of Dracut).

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