Appliance Repair Companies?

Does anyone have any experience with local appliance repair companies? Our dryer has started squeaking and thumping on occasion and needs a once-over (and probably some new bearings). Sharing any companies you’ve used successfully in the comments would be much appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Appliance Repair Companies?”

  1. I’ve always been a big fan of Dracut Appliance. I’m not sure if they subcontract for service but it’s a great place to buy appliances. I would ask them.

  2. We use Dracut Appliance, however I think you need to have bought the appliance from them to have them repair it.

  3. Thanks, All. Dracut Appliance had someone out within a couple of hours and they found the problem and ordered the needed parts while they were still here. Still waiting for the parts to come in but hoping for next week.

    We didn’t originally buy the dryer from them so that’s not a requirement, although, as it happens, we did buy a new fridge from them a few months ago. They were awesome for that too!

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