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A reminder to owners planning to attend this evening’s Board meeting (via Zoom): It is at 6:00, not the old 7:00 we’ve been used to. If you are an owner and did not receive the email with the link, please check your junk folder or contact management.

For anyone who has access to the Boston Globe, I’d recommend taking a look at this article: “‘Most Plumbers aren’t even picking up the phone now.’ Burst pipes cause backlog after Boston deep freeze.” 

I know the prospect of the basement being closed (again) for an extended period seems incredibly slow and annoying, but, in reality, things are moving stunningly quickly. Reports of multiple units with burst pipes started coming in Saturday afternoon; by dinnertime we had a large crew of plumbers, management, maintenance, and, I believe, at least one furnace serviceperson and electrician. When it became clear around noon Sunday that the entire basement ceiling was compromised and had to go, we had a demo company arranged within hours; they’re already well along on this enormous project. Next steps have been planned out and some of them already scheduled. Management will be speaking at length this evening on the subject.

Yes, all of this will take a frustratingly long time. But when all is said and done, we expect to have a beautiful new ceiling, free of any problems, plus upgrades to adjacent systems, and that we will never, ever, have to go through this again!

3 thoughts on “Meeting Time & Garage Stuff”

  1. What I’m interested in is what we can do, since we have unfortunately unique access to the garage ceiling, to make this less damaging if/when it happens again. Clearly the current combination of fiberglass insulation + plasterboard + water + gravity is a disaster waiting to happen. How can we improve?

  2. Can those of us with building garage parking spaces be given passes to the Leo Roy Garage again? I see the office hours are closed tonight. Also, who should I reach out to at JA Wood to get my email address added to the building distribution list? I was purged as a renter when Briggs took over and emailed them multiple times without them ever adding me to the list again. I’ve been renting here for 5+ years. Thanks for the help.

    1. Management is working on getting monthly passes to the city garage for those displaced from the basement garage. It’s in the Association’s best interest to get those set up as quickly as possible rather than paying day by day and that will be happening soon. As for the email list, certain emails go to owners only, but ones with general information should also be going to as many renters as possible; unfortunately, some renters got left off in the changeover from BRIGS to J A Wood last November. I’d recommending contacting Eileen at J A Wood and asking to be added: Their main phone number is 781-860-0605.

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