Elevator Stoppages

This morning’s elevator stoppage was NOT a malfunction; it was the elevator working as intended. When smoke detectors near the elevator are triggered, safety protocols lock down the elevator and a repair company key is required to return it to service. Dust from the demo work in the basement may have been behind today’s alarm. This is frustrating and unfortunate, and may occur again before the demolition is complete, but it is a temporary problem.

One thought on “Elevator Stoppages”

  1. Have other people also been getting excessive dust in their units? It is visually dusty inside this third floor unit. I have two air purifiers which have been in “red” warning mode since yesterday – upstairs and downstairs. I have never seen it in the red mode until this week. I put brand new filters in them on Feb 1 and they still can’t keep up with the dust.

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