Front Door, Deep Freeze, & February Office Hours

I’m told that the front door intercom system is not operating properly at the moment. Management has been notified. The intercom/phone system is only 8 months old, and the entire fob system just over 2 years, so hopefully this is a minor glitch and easily fixed.

And a heads up that the wind chill Friday night is predicted to be 30 degrees below zero (actual temp -9), and the wind chill temp on Saturday isn’t expected to get above minus 5 all day (actual high of 12 degrees). Folks may want to place blankets or cardboard against their windows Friday night, and see that they get any needed errands done before the weekend. The only time I’ve heard of a pipe freezing in this building was on the first floor because of cold air from the garage overwhelming a unit’s poorly-maintained heaters, but please take care.

Personally, I remember Christmas of 1980 being 8 or 10 below, but I’ve never even heard of a wind chill of 30 below in this area before.

Also, here is this month’s schedule for lobby office hours.

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  1. The wind chill advisory starts on Friday at 4:00 AM

    From the NWS site for Lowell at

    Wind Chill Watch in effect from February 3, 04:00 AM EST until February 4, 01:00 PM EST

    Friday Sunny, with a high near 21. Blustery, with a northwest wind 16 to 23 mph, with gusts as high as 34 mph.

    Friday NightMostly clear, with a low around -9. Windy, with a northwest wind 22 to 26 mph, with gusts as high as 39 mph.

    Saturday Sunny, with a high near 13. Blustery, with a northwest wind 16 to 22 mph, with gusts as high as 32 mph.

    Saturday NightMostly cloudy, with a low around 7. West wind 9 to 13 mph becoming south after midnight.

    Sunday the high temp is predicted to be 41.

  2. Hello,
    Has anyone found a single contactor willing to top off frion in their units aside from A1?

    Seems like a significant risk to the building to rely on one guy. I called JA Wood and got shrugged off….

    My downstairs unit has just suddenly refused to heat like the upstairs one did a few months ago. Perfect timing- trying to avoid a burst pipe. Any leads would be nice…especially for the neighbors below my pipes….

    1. There are other contractors out there who should certainly be able to do minor maintenance, but there have been multiple instances where replacement units weren’t installed correctly by other companies so A1 ended up having to come in and try to fix them. That’s why they’re the one most often recommended by folks in the building. Using the search function on the bulletin board to look for “contractor” comments, I found someone recommending New England Cooling Towers.

      And yes, some of us are well aware of the risks that come with our dependence on a single contractor who may eventually retire, but we can’t control who’s out there who knows our HVAC units, and the only other option is to explore the staggeringly expensive idea of revamping the entire system.

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