Where to Donate Clothes?

I’m always in a quandary about donating clothes. There are the items that are in poor shape that should just go into textile recycling, and there are the ones that are in near-perfect shape that should go to people who can use them. I hate the idea of good clothing getting shredded with the bad.

Does anyone know which local places are best for which category? I’m currently looking to re-home a lot of large men’s clothes, particularly pants, some of them never-worn.

Any suggestions should go in the comments and will be much appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Where to Donate Clothes?”

  1. Men’s clothing is put into immediate use at the shelter on Middlesex Street. I drop off there all the time–the attendant at the front desk just inside the front door will take them and see that they’re put to good use. The need is so great that condition is less of an issue here, but, definitely, quality is appreciated. Warm stuff, especially socks, are in high demand right now, but everything up to interview-suitable clothing is always useful.

    For roughest stuff, Goodwill trades in clothing by the pound at their outlet stores, one of which is adjacent to the Market Basket plaza in Hudson, NH.

    The Wish Project behind the Hertz rental location out on Middlesex Street near the Lowell/Chelmsford line is a great option for like-new quality stuff for men, women, and children–especially women and children.

    1. There is also a Goodwill collection Center to the left of the Stop & Shop on 110 in Chelmsford. They do ask that you do not leave things when they are closed.

  2. I have donated a number of items to the St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. They have just relocated to beautiful new digs at 1488 Middlesex St in Lowell. Good Luck!

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