Electricity Providers

A resident is looking for input. Any answers should go in the comments. And thank you in advance!

  • Has anyone switched out of National Grid being their primary electricity server to another company that has been advertising  a switch over?
  • If you have, have you found that the switched over company been less expensive for you?
  • If you haven’t, why not?
  • Has anyone called the numbers supplied by the switch over company to get more info and, if so, has it been a positive experience and are you in favor of doing a switch over?

2 thoughts on “Electricity Providers”

  1. I’ve had Constellation for several years and am very satisfied.
    Apparently right now they have some deals for long term (30 or 36 months) somewhere in the range of 8 or 9 cents/kwh. Theie phone # is 844 278-2503. I don’t have a website but you can call that #.

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