Trash Chute Rules & Donation Question

Does anyone have advice for placing items outside for “curbside” pickup by a charity? I’ve always avoided doing it myself because most charities want you to put it out the night before and that strikes me as inviting theft or vandalism. I’ve been asked where is the best place to put items, which I would guess to be under the front overhang but away from the doors, but I’d like to know what has worked for others. Please put responses in the comments. Thank you.

Also, I’ve been asked to post the following:

Hi Everyone
We had a blockage in the garbage chute this weekend that plugged the chute as far up as the second floor. Liquid items came into contact with items (such as grout in its powder form) and clogged the chute.

It is very important that ANYTHING that is tossed down the garbage chute needs to be securely tied in a plastic bag before it thrown down the chute.  NO single items—be it regular garbage, paint cans or half-empty grout bags—should go down the chute without first being placed in a tied plastic bag.

The BEST thing to do with liquid items or items that can clump if they come in contact with a liquid, is to walk it down to the basement and dispose of it directly into the appropriate dumpster—still securely tied in a plastic bag. Cans of still-liquid paint should NOT go in the trash—even latex paint can contain toxic chemicals. For the right way to dispose of paint, see here.

Please DO NOT toss a large commercial-size plastic bag down the chute. If you have to ‘stuff’ the bag down the chute, it is too big for the chute and needs to be taken down to the basement and placed directly into the dumpster assigned for garbage.

And, just as an extra note, there are always lots of move-ins and move-outs at the end of a month, as well as deliveries arriving in boxes throughout the month. PLEASE EMPTY AND FLATTEN ALL CARDBOARD BOXES AND PLACE THEM IN THE BASEMENT DUMPSTER DIRECTLY UNDER THE SIGN FOR CARDBOARD.  Alternately, you can take them over to the DPW and recycle them there.

ONLY CARDBOARD is to go in the basement dumpster labeled for cardboard—insulation, styrofoam or packing items should NOT go into the CARDBOARD ONLY dumpster.

Your cooperation is always greatly appreciated by the maintenance staff!

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  1. I was told to never put anything out at the curb. The only thing I arranged this way was a mattress and box spring which I had to arrange for pickup. I just checked the weather and made sure it didn’t get wet.

    Regarding donating – most items are not wanted. Anything I wanted to get rid of I called around and every place said they wouldn’t come get it or didn’t want it. I ended up selling my items on Craigslist for little or no money. There’s always someone who wants old stuff.

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