Free Dog Food

A message for dog owners:

Two large boxes of various dog food have been in the mail room for well over three weeks. The person they were sent to has indicated they are not his. Instead of throwing out the boxes they were opened and the items are now being made available to anyone who wants to go down to the mail room and take some of it – if you think your dog will like it!

5 thoughts on “Free Dog Food”

  1. These could also be donated to the Lowell humane society. I would Be glad to run these over if no one is interested.

  2. I checked the mailroom this afternoon and there was 1 large bag of dry dog food left. I hope everyone who took the Milkbones and Beggin’ Strips (thanks for letting me know your dog enjoyed them, Rosemary!) has a very happy dog on their hands! The last bag of dry food was delivered to the Lowell Humane Society today who were extremely happy to get the donation. They are a great organization and deserve all the help the public can give them!

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