Snow Emergency Parking Ban

The City of Lowell has declared a snow emergency as of 7:00am and a parking ban beginning at 1:00. Condo association rules follow the city ban. All vehicles must be removed from the surface lot by 1:00pm or they risk being towed at the owner’s expense. There is free parking at the new garage behind Canal Place 3 but NOT at the Leo Roy next door; the Roy garage will charge a fee to those without a monthly pass.

One thought on “Snow Emergency Parking Ban”

  1. Can someone who successfully signed up for emergencies no parking alerts clarify which of the dozens of this off of the Lowell city website is the one that you need to sign up with? I’ve tried parking alerts with no luck. Maybe it’s emergency management? The only thing listed under alert center is coronavirus which I don’t my car is impacted by.

    If it’s possible to link directly to it maybe this could be a permanent QR in the lobby due to the requirement to move a car in the middle of the night or middle of the workday?

    Here’s the link to the notifier system, but I can’t see a way to directly link to a specific alert:

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