Phone Help Request & a Reminder

Just want to remind folks again that the new admin email for this site is I had one email make it to me through the old address and at least three that didn’t this week so please make sure to use the gmail address.

Also, any iPhone experts out there? Georgi is looking for advice:

Hi Everyone

I need to talk to someone who has a good working knowledge of how an iPhone works.

My iPhone 8 is, randomly, not allowing incoming calls to ring through; they just go to vmail. 

I visited an AT&T store today; the guy played with my phone for about a minute, handed it back to me saying he didn’t know what was wrong and proceeded to try to sell me a new phone.

I’m not averse to getting a new phone; I would just like someone who understands iPhones and doesn’t have a financial gain in my buying a new one if I can get my old one to work for a bit longer, to have a look at it.

Please call me at 978-764-5570 (I’ll be checking vmail a lot since it won’t probably ring for you!). Anything you could do to advise me (even if it’s “yep, you need a new phone” would be appreciated!

One thought on “Phone Help Request & a Reminder”

  1. Hi Georgi, will be back Tuesday and happy to take a look at the phone next week (and not try and sell you a new one!).

    In the meantime, two settings to check:

    1. Do you have WiFi calling turned on? If so, try toggling it off or on (opposite of what’s enabled now) to see if it improves the calling behavior. Here’s a link on how to do that:

    2. Do you have the option to silence unknown calls enabled? This can be great to block spam, but effectively sends any callers that are not in your Contacts directly to voicemail, which may not be what you want. Here’s a link on how that works:

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