Heating System Replacement

A resident contacted me looking for advice (see below). My own heating units were both replaced shortly before we moved here so I haven’t any experience with replacing one. If anyone has any info or advice to share, please reply in the comments. Thanks!

My first floor heating/cooling unit died this week and it cannot be fixed. I am wondering if anyone in the building has replaced their system before and if so, what model they used for the new system. My system was from the ’80s. I am also wondering if I need to get the building management company involved since I don’t know if they will need access to the roof/basement. 

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  1. Just replaced our system upstairs which was $5400 through A1. i’d have to circle back with which specific model number was installed, but can’t say that the one that was replaced was: ClimateMaster 81615GSSSSCOP who’s compressor burned out, likely because we didn’t have the right venting.

  2. Agree that Steve at A-1 is the way to go. Helpful and reasonable, repaired my upstairs unit for $1900.

  3. A1 maintenance is now called Steve’s mechanical. But they are still the best chance of getting a decent price. Our heat pumps are not inexpensive and $5400 is the cheapest I’ve been able to find in my searches. There’s no need for roof or basement access; all the work is done in your unit. Just be advised there’s a long lead time at this time of the year.

  4. Agree, Steve Bedard, aka A1 Mechanical, is a recommended choice. We replace a unit a year ago.

  5. A1 Maintenance Master is the only way to go. He’s replaced both of our units at separate times. Top Shelf, Knowledgeable, Courteous, very Efficient and does a great job. You can’t go wrong. His Phone # is 978 937-8250. Also if you want programmable thermostats Amazon has a LUX TX9600T (They work great and are relatively inexpensive)

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