Marathon, Stair Gates, and Coffee!

Jim Wilde is hosting a coffee for our City Councilor Wayne Jenness this Sunday, Oct. 15 at Mack Plaza, corner of Market and Dutton from 10-11:30 am. Wayne is one of our residents. This is an opportunity to hear from Wayne about his accomplishments and  priorities and to ask any questions, or bring up issues with him. There will be coffee, cider and goodies. 

For more general information about the upcoming November 7th election, check out Lowell Votes or

The Bay State Marathon is also this Sunday, the 15th, starting at 8:00am, so expect traffic delays, especially along either side of the river. The Lowell Sun predicts traffic on those roads will be “horrendous.” (All the more reason to just stroll over to Mack Plaza rather than driving anywhere!)

We have new gates in the stairwells at ground level. These gates are not to prevent access to the basement and are easily pulled open. The idea is simply that in a panic situation, possibly with limited visibility, a person doesn’t accidentally keep racing down the staircase past the first floor exit and find themselves trapped in the basement. This type of gate is a common safety feature in newer buildings.

3 thoughts on “Marathon, Stair Gates, and Coffee!”

    1. Thanks. I had trouble finding anything useful at all, and at least the link I put in offered a link to a list of candidates. I’ve now added in a Lowell Votes link as well.

  1. There is a recording of a LTC-hosted at-large candidate roundtable here. It was plagued with tech issues. Turn on closed captioning:

    Lowell Votes and LTC hosted a roundtable for districts other than ours recently. No VOD available yet, but the facebook page is here:

    District 4 and at-large roundtables are, I presume, to come.

    The lack of information and institutional support out there about this election is embarrassing.


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