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A reminder that the official switchover between management companies takes place on November first. October condo fees should still go to BRIGS. Payment transition information is not available yet but is expected in the coming weeks.

I got the query below (in italics) from a resident. Does anyone have any experience with this? Years ago one could send a paint chip to a state lab to have it tested for free but now the state recommends hiring a lead inspector. My own response would be not to mess with that paint or those pipes other than carefully throwing on another coat of paint, but I’m no expert. Please give any input in the comments.

I have a question about the sprinkler system pipes. Do they contain lead? 

“There are many layers of paint on the pipe in my bathroom and I want to scrape and paint, to put a rust inhibitor layer before I repaint. But I don’t want to be exposing my family to lead.

Who would know?”

Also, FYI, subscribing to this bulletin board means receiving notices of posts; the system does not, however, send out notices for each new comment. People particularly interested in a recent topic will frequently check back for comments and respond, but comments on old posts, or in the Neighbor-to-Neighbor section, are very unlikely to be noticed by anyone beyond the admin (who does get notified automatically). Therefore, specific questions for one’s neighbors are best sent to the web admin to be put up on the site as a post rather than added somewhere as a comment.

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  1. My understanding is that those pipes (and the green columns in the middle of our units) may have been painted with lead, or not; for liability reasons back in the day (heh), rather than figure it out for sure, any questionably painted surfaces were remediated (ie painted over) to keep any potential lead for being kicked up into the air or ingested.

    If I were you I wouldn’t touch them (or the supporting column) without an assessment being done – don’t take our word for it. I would also not do any work on or near those pipes or the column without wearing a respirator.

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