Parking Ban Lifted and H2O heater Question

First of all, the parking ban was lifted at 9:00am this morning which means any cars remaining in a city garage past 11:00am will start getting charged the usual parking rate.

Secondly, a resident is asking for advice about heat pump water heaters:

“I wanted to know if anyone in the building has installed a Heat Pump Water Heater and if they had, did they install a louvered door to their utility room.  I am looking at my options.  I found this article.

The article basically says that the heat pump is the way to go.  The author quotes another article written by Ian M Shapiro which says that a great place to put the heat pump is upstairs in a utility room – bingo.  It goes on to further state that if you heat your space with a heat pump, your efficiency level is further enhanced; sounds perfect.

Never having heard of heat pump water heaters myself, I went looking for more info and found this. Any input from residents should go in the comments and would be much appreciated.

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  1. I had Fagundez Plumbing install a Ruud heat pump water heater, model PROUH50 T2 RU375-15. I am very happy with it and especially the installation work by Fagundez. I chose not to alter the laundry room door because I always keep it open anyway.

    The unit does make some fan noise but it’s long past where I notice anymore. I’m especially looking forward to the dehumidification and cooling boost in the summer. Hard to know the exact electricity savings, but it does seem like I’m using less. The app was not as easy to install and connect as it should have been, but the phone support was good and I was up and running quickly. The unit has a water leak sensor built in, which is a nice advantage.

  2. Just thought I should point out that how much of a boon the system is may be affected by what floor you’re on. People on the sixth floor will benefit more with a system pulling heat out of the air all summer than people on the first floor, given that it’s the sixth floor that depends on the AC the most.

    I don’t think heat usage fluctuates as much between the floors as AC usage does, but, of course, drawing heat off your air during the winter is a minus rather than a plus, except for whatever it saves you compared to heating the water directly.

    1. The heat pumps are about 4x more efficient then electric. That goes for water heater heat pumps and our heating system heat pump. So the net advantage should be around 2 = 4/2. I run mine all year in the heat pump mode.

    2. Here’s an analysis of heat pump water heaters in varying conditions of warmth/cool. Short answer: Even cooler locations win with the technology. The additional tip I picked up is that running the clothes dryer at the same time as the water heater heat pump makes for free efficiency. Good time to press “start” on the clothes dryer is right after a shower, making starting a wash cycle a half hour before showering the first step in the frugality chain.

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