I’d like to express my thanks to the folks who contribute to keeping our mailroom neat by seeing that packages are placed in the right spot. But I’d also like to caution people about moving USPS packages from a cubby to the “no unit number” shelf in the closet, especially if you’re not aware of the item having been there long. Our longtime mailman often recognizes names and places packages in the correct cubby even if the shipper omits the unit number. Once on the top closet shelf, a package is out of sight of the cameras and, I have reason to suspect, is a more tempting target for someone looking for an excuse to view it as abandoned and up for grabs.

There’s really no right answer here, since a package truly in the wrong cubby is hard for its owner to locate, but I wouldn’t rush to assume a USPS package needs moving just because the unit number is missing.

And for those of you wondering about this weekend’s mailroom incident, the police have identified the suspected culprit and the door has been repaired and secured. Management and the Board have been consulting with contractors and are discussing the possibility of further improvements to that door.

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