Package Pandemonium

A suggestion from another resident (Thank you, Bill):

Who is tired of the boxes all over the mail room?  Can’t find your package? – Complain to Amazon:


You might want to connect with “Amazon Logistics”.  They seemed to know exactly the layout of Canal Place I, II and III.  I had a long winded text with four different individuals and finally was connected with Amazon Logistics who seemed to know the layout of the area and wanted to know exactly where my unit number was.  I want my deliveries made to my door.

Hope this helps.

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  1. Wanted to mention as well that at our last CP1 Board meeting we decided to look into extending the wall in the bottom of the mail room to make space for packages/remove some of the clutter.

      1. Is not part of the problem packages that sit weeks without being picked up? I’m sure we have all been guilty of being away and missing a pickup for a few days, but are there ways to handle “archive” packages sitting for weeks on end? John’s been great about giving a heads up on postal deliveries, but in an Amazon world the volume of packages is only going to continue to rise exponentially and may quickly overwhelm even a larger new shelf space.

        Ex: packages left more than 5 days can be picked up in the office?

  2. Yes, Amazon is annoying, but I doubt they’ll deliver to our unit doors. Packages need to be picked up promptly. I see the same ones on the floor for a week. This doesn’t help.

  3. The “bottom of the mailroom” refers to the space directly under the mailboxes, so that there would be alcoves the packages could be sorted into to keep them out from under foot. We’d probably have to do the sorting ourselves (I already do try to put packages in the right area every time I’m in the mailroom), but it would mean that one wouldn’t have to recheck every pile all over the mailroom each time you went to get your mail.

  4. I actually had Amazon knock on my door with a delivery a minute or two after posting this. That may have been because he wanted a signature but it does happen.

  5. You will never get Amazon to reliably deliver to your door. Their whole deal is efficiency, and the longer a (contracted) driver takes for deliveries, the worse they are viewed by amazon, and CP1 is HUGE – the down-and-back, door-to-door, per floor, makes a 5 minutes dropoff a 30 minute+ one; that corner will be immediately cut – dumping them in the mail room and bailing saves them so much time, any request you make will never stick.

    The best we can do is make it as easy for them to leave stuff as possible, which is what they do now – if you want packages sorted or delivered to doors, my gut says, it’s going to be our problem. Maybe something we could officially roll into the office management job; maybe we need daily help instead of a few hours a week?

    I wonder if we could petition for an Amazon locker. Not that that’s any better, really, and it would have to be in a public place.

    (Note that I’m not defending their position, I’m just…describing it. It sucks that this is our responsibility, but that’s what happens when gargantuan companies throw their weight around.)

    1. You can also set up an “Amazon delivery day” as a shipping option so that all your Amazon packages arrive on the day you choose…

    2. This is exactly why I make a serious effort these days to avoid Amazon, because it’s such a behemoth that it’s squeezing the life out of other businesses and running its people ragged. Whenever possible, I order items through stores that have a brick-and-mortar location nearby where I can pick up my goods. Ninety percent of what I used to buy on Amazon, I can order through Home Depot, Kohl’s, Target, Michaels, Staples, and Joanns.

  6. Please pick up your packages! How can anyone order things and let them sit in the mail room for so long. These packages make it extremely difficult to get to some mailboxes from time to time.

  7. If you have the ability to do so, please think about having your packages delivered to your place of work. If not, then possibly a relative or friend’s home – someone who has an address that can get delivery right to their door? Just a thought.

  8. There are kiosks that can be installed that packages go in and the owner is texted or emailed a code to put in to retrieve. I think they are expensive but could we get CPII and III to install their own in their building, take out the closet and install between the d oors and also under the mailboxes? My daughter has had these in 2 cities and they work great. If package is too large it is left, but then only huge pkg. It would also allow for folks to get them the day they arrive and not wait for office hours. Just a thought.

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