Important Zoning Hearings

Residents should have received letters regarding hearings being held at City Hall on Monday March 16th and 23rd, both at at 6:30pm, regarding development of the abandoned section at the back of our building. As I understand it, the one on the 16th is about increasing the number of units from 13 to 29, and the one on the 23rd is about unit size and parking issues. A pdf of the notices is available here. Specifics of the current plans, including building layout, can be found here (be sure to use the 2020 menu).

To my mind, this is going to cram an awful lot of people into that corner of our complex, and increase pedestrian and vehicle traffic along the north side of our building significantly. Anyone who finds this concerning should put these meetings on their calendar.

One thought on “Important Zoning Hearings”

  1. Looking at the proposal of unit sizes it seems that meeting the minimum 750 sqft per is doable if they reduce the number of units by four, from 29 to 25. I would shoot for this as a reduction goal.

    We also need to understand how this will impact the loading dock area and One Canal Place access. Same for the freight elevator.

    Parking… will the new garage be accessible to residents. If so that makes far more sense for residents of canal place 3 and this project. Which may reduce traffic.

    We discussed Dutton street access for Canal Place 3 and loading dock at a board meeting. Maybe this ought to be the goal and put the traffic gate near the loading dock so all traffic for it and the new building, plus canal place three come in via Dutton Street. Assuming the new garage is available to residents.

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