And now for something a little different. Old mills having been dangerous places, I’m sure there were lives lost in this one, but this is the first time I’ve gotten a question like this. I can say up front that there has been no unexplained weirdness in my own unit (although some of my previous homes were another story), but if anyone has any haunted unit stories to share, please feel free to post in the comments.

From a resident: I have kind of an unconventional question that I feel a little silly asking. I’ve always joked that our unit is haunted, but we’ve had more and more unexplainable things happen that have been creeping us out. Doorknobs locking themselves, things falling off shelves unprovoked, sensations of being grabbed, vivid night terrors that only happen when we’re home, which our guests have experienced as well. Most recently on our security camera we saw a white orb-like thing fly across the screen. So we’re curious if anyone else has experienced weird things like this in their unit too. 

5 thoughts on “Haunted?”

  1. Wow! This is so cool… as long as it isn’t threatening. But, alas, I’ve never experienced anything weird in my unit except for the behavior of the people I share it with!

  2. I’ve also had some weird things happen, especially feeling like I’m being watched which sounds crazy but I’ve never experienced that anywhere else I’ve lived. Certain areas of the house are worse than others, with weird breezes and uneasiness. I’ve been woken up many times to someone (or thing) saying my name, have felt like I’ve been grabbed, and have seen white flashes reflecting in my glasses. Another time I had a small candle lit and the flame suddenly jumped to probably 6in tall and flickering like crazy despite there being no drafts. Recently I heard my door handle rattling, I thought my partner was home and trying to unlock the door. I tried opening it while it was still rattling, and even yelled “hold on I’m trying to open it!” but when I opened it nobody was there. I tried saging my unit a few months back and the smoke started coming out in perfect rings…really freaked me out. So yes I’ve wondered the same thing

  3. Interesting data! This sounds disconcerting to say the least, though I tend to think there are usually reasonable explanations for things, such as people playing pranks.

    That said, information about previous owners can usually be found in city records and I am sure some sleuthing could dig up information about this building’s history…

    For recent history, I would think that the former property manager and current maintenance personnel would at least have anecdotes from former residents or their own experiences but speaking for myself I haven’t heard them.

    No weirdness in my unit, except for mice, which are handily dispatched by the cats.

    Curious! Let us know what you find out (if anything!)

  4. Have been in my unit for over 17 years and never experienced any of these types of happenings or even any weird feeling vibes. Haven’t felt weird energy in the building’s common areas either. I have lived in places that definitely had vibes to them and unexplained things. I have often thought about the many people who have lived and formally worked in this building and wondered if there were lingering energies. Seems like there may well be.

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