Free Stereo Equipment and a Correction.

Oops. I said yesterday that a link to disposal services had been added on the “contact” page when I really meant the “useful links” page.

Also, this note from a resident:

I have been changing out my sound system. I would like to offer for free a Yamaha receiver, 6 smallish speakers (JBL brand) and a subwoofer to anyone in the building who would like them. These items are all about 10 years old.

UPDATE: This system has been successfully re-homed. On the other hand, I have a turntable I’m trying to get rid of myself. It’s a good bit older than 10 years but it works fine if anyone would like to add it to their system. (I’m getting rid of it because I wanted to upgrade to a USB turntable and because I wanted one that would play 78s.) Otherwise it’s bound for the trash. Just let me know.

2 thoughts on “Free Stereo Equipment and a Correction.”

    1. It makes it easier to transfer vinyl to digital by connecting directly to a computer. I haven’t gotten around to actually using this feature, but I was looking to transfer old 78s to digital for use in historic dance performances. Unfortunately, COVID hit and killed the dance scene which pushed the project way down my “to-do” list.

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