Christmas Tree Disposal

The city has posted this year’s tree disposal info (natural trees only). Please wrap your tree before carrying it through our common areas to avoid a trail of pine needles—an old sheet works fine for this. Residents are also asked to use the stairs or freight elevator rather than the front elevator for trees.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Christmas Tree Disposal

There are 9 Christmas tree drop-off locations throughout the City:

Acre – North Common 
Belvidere – Cawley Stadium & Shedd Park 
Back Central – South Common 
Highlands – Hadley Park & Callery Park 
Centralville – Gage Field 
Pawtucketville – Elks Club 
Sacred Heart – Ventura Field (Manning Field)

All drop-off sites are open December 26 – January 15. 

Please remove all lights, ornaments and stands. Natural trees only. No plastic bags. Sites will be under surveillance.

Map of drop off sites here.

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