Another Snow, Another Parking Ban

Here we go again folks. Please move your car out of our surface lot ASAP or risk being towed as per Association rules. The city announcement from reads as follows:

Snow Emergency Parking Ban – February 9, 2021

A snow emergency parking ban will be in effect today, Tuesday, Feb. 9 starting at 9 AM, and will be enforced beginning at 3 PM. No parking will be permitted on City streets until the ban is lifted.

Free parking is available to residents who do not have access to off-street parking at three City garages: Ayotte Parking Facility, 1 Post Office Square, Lower Locks Garage, 90 Warren Street, and HCID Garage, Dutton Street @ Broadway.

Residents will have two hours from when the parking ban is lifted to move their vehichles without incurring expens

2 thoughts on “Another Snow, Another Parking Ban”

  1. Silly question, but is there a place where we can subscribe to these parking ban alerts from the city? The webpage and list I saw below all appear to be for older alerts from a couple years back. If there’s a specific link we can use, maybe we could turn that into a QR code and post in in the lobby?

  2. I’ve signed up for alerts at least three times since I’ve lived here. They work for awhile but then they update the system and I fall off the list again. I’m still trying to get alerts myself right now—when I post info here it’s because I’ve been watching online sources or because a certain neighbor lets me know.

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