Plumbers and Electricians

Another request for recommendations:

“A resident is looking for a licensed plumber (preferably with experience in CP 1) to install a water heater.
They are also looking for a licensed electrician, also preferably with experience in CP 1.”

As always, feel free to reply in the comments or e-mail me with info to pass along.

There have been requests for plumber suggestions before and the response has been strongly in favor of Frank Potvin.  I don’t recall much in the way of electrician requests, although someone noted Village Electric in the same group of comments linked above.

You can also find a brief discussion about tankless water heaters here.

4 thoughts on “Plumbers and Electricians”

  1. Call Frank, a great plumber. Ask him about the new thing that goes in the pan to automatically shut off the water at the slightest trace of moisture.

    Frank Potvin – 978-957-2518 (Office), 978-808-7781 (Cell) Plumber

  2. I’ve hired Frank Potvin to replace a water heater, install two bathtubs, and declog a drai. He does high quality work. I’ve also used Andrew of Plumberboy to replace a toilet; I’m impressed w/Andrew’s deep knowledge of plumbing, especially about CP1 systems. I’d use him again.

    I’ve used Village Electric for several small electrical jobs. I’d use them again.

  3. We have used Dan Corbett Plumbing for many years and he is great! Earlier this year he replaced my water heater and also had a new tray made for underneath the water heater/washer dryer. He also replaced the toilets before we moved in 9 years ago as well as all our faucets etc. 978-250-0379.

    Also use Village Electric, excellent.

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