Parking Fees

After the March City Council meeting, here’s what Georgi reported back:

“I attended this evening’s Lowell Council meeting and the parking increases were accepted without discussion.

“A few months ago there was a special meeting to discuss  the planned increase in parking fees (and fines throughout the city) that was attended by about 30 very interested parties who were against the then-submitted proposal.

“This current and now passed financial plan is very close to what many of us suggested at that meeting.

“The increase is 37% higher than what we pay now in the garage but the increase is perfectly aligned with the cumulative inflation rate since the last time the garage costs were increased (2003).”

Also, Brian advises that there will be one more public hearing about the fee increases next Tuesday, the 3rd, at the regular City Council meeting in the City Council chamber at City Hall, 2nd floor. The agenda for the meeting can be found here, with the specifics about the parking fee increase here.

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