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Has anyone used Bathfitters to redo their tub/shower? We’re wondering how their enclosures hold up. I believe that our unit has its original shower surround and tub from 30 years ago which has long since lost its shine and is pretty tough to get clean. Has anyone outright replaced their tub/shower? Who did you use and how did it work out? We’re not interested in a stunning, designer bathroom, just in one that’s easier to keep clean.

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  1. I put a Bath Fitter system is a rental I had. It transformed the bathroom. Pricey but worth it; happened in 1 day. When it was done, I was told that only certain products should be used on it (at this late date I don’t remember what those products were but I recall that anything causing a ‘scratching’ effect wasn’t good – even Soft Scrub I believe.

  2. We replaced two tub/showers in 2008, with new fixtures. We had Frank Potvin do it. We learned that any new tub you install must have a higher (4″ or so) bottom because in this condo the drain pipe usually (always?) is on top of structural timbers. Therefore, if you want a porcelain tub you’ll need to order a custom one. We installed a fiberglass-type tub w/enclosure. I recall that the plumber needed to do a substantial amount of pipe-fitting stuff. The result was very acceptable, certainly better than the old tubs, but not as good as porcelain. Also, installing a shower-only was out of the question because the drain pipe to the main was narrower than code permits, and we thought it too expensive at the time. If I recall, the cost was somewhere around $3K per. A Shower door is extra.

  3. For anyone other than me who’s interested, I got this answer via e-mail:
    Never used Bath Fitters and have been told there pricey for what you get.

    I remodeled both bathrooms. Doing so is a significant undertaking. Not for the faint of heart. Plumber is but one of the disciplines. Your would need an electrician, carpenter, floor/ tile installer, and painter.

    Plumber used Eric Foster. Result very professional and they did a great job.

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