Board Meeting & A Bit of Local History

Just a reminder that there’s a board meeting tomorrow evening (Monday) in the lobby office at 7:00.  Residents welcome.

And, if you’re interested in local history, I came across an amusing oddity recently while researching my book on dancing during Lowell’s first hundred years. As a result, I couldn’t resist putting together a three minute video in honor of the 101st anniversary next week of Lowell’s Tango Trial, which took place only two doors down from us on March 4th & 5th, 1914. Just follow the link for a smile!

Snow Emergency

And once again, a snow emergency has been declared as of 6:00 PM today. The city starts enforcing their parking ban at midnight; the condo association considers their parking ban in effect as soon as the emergency is declared.  Please move your car out of the surface lot by this evening.




Winterfest and the Snowiest City

According to some sources, Lowell is currently the snowiest city in the country with 111.” (Other sources give the title to Worcester)

I’m not sure this is a title any of us wanted, but it makes it particularly appropriate that Lowell’s Annual Winterfest is coming up next weekend. The city is still planning on holding the Human Dog Sled Races, although there’s always a chance that the DPW will be too busy removing snow to take the time to groom snow into a track. Soup contests, snowman villages, live music, and lots of other events are on the schedule. Keep your fingers crossed that this extreme cold lets up a bit!

Finally, for any Facebook users who are interested, the Lowell Police Department (official) FB page seems to be more informative and more up-to-date than their city government web page. And if you want a very local view of Lowell weather, check out Mill City Weather’s FB page.

Of Roofs and Parking Bans

The latest parking ban will be lifted at 5:00 this afternoon, which means anyone without regular garage parking has until 7:00 PM to remove their car from the city garage or risk parking fees. If you park on city streets at all, please be reminded that even without the ban parking is only allowed when the road is cleared to the curb; your vehicle must not stick out into traffic.

For anyone who’s been concerned about our roof, these icy winds have actually been helpful.  Here’s the official word from the management:

There are no plans to clean the roof. The roof is routinely checked as it was this morning. There is very little snow on the roof. It is almost bare in most areas with the exception of a few drifts against the skylights. There are no parapets on the roof and the wind blows the snow off and keeps the snow build up to a minimum.

Parking ban

A snow emergency/parking ban has been declared as of 6:00 PM today; Lowell begins enforcement on city streets at midnight.  If your car is in the surface lot, it needs to be moved by this evening. The city is offering free parking to city residents at all garages during the ban.

2-14-15 parking ban

Parking Ban

The city’s parking ban is being lifted as of 5:00 am tomorrow, the 4th.  Any cars that have been parking in the garage without a pass need to be moved by 7:00 am or face parking fees.

(Of course, I would have to get this news 15 minutes after I already posted today!)

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