Snow Emergency

Here we go again.  The city of Lowell has declared a snow emergency as of 6:00 this afternoon.  If you’re parked in the surface lot, please move your car to the garage.  All city garages will be open to city residents at no charge during the emergency.  More info here.

A Correction & Lots of Other Info

Another “oops” on my part, Folks.  The senior discount for monthly parking passes starts at age 62, not 60.  Sorry about that!

Both the Board meeting and the LDNA meeting tonight have been cancelled for obvious reasons.  But LDNA has sent me a bunch of interesting links and info worth sharing (it’s easy to get on their e-mail list via the LDNA link above).

Emergency Shelters:  The Lowell, Massachusetts Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated at 6:00PM tonight. Any non-emergency storm related questions should be directed to 978-674-4052.

National Grid # 1-800-465-1212 or 1-800-322-3223

Per Gov. Baker, there is a statewide travel ban beginning at midnight tonight.

Please follow the Lowell Police Department (Official) Facebook page for more information.

All garages will be available as a destination for this snow emergency parking ban. The information has been posted on the City website and has been “tweeted” on the Parking Department twitter account.

Notes from COOL that were to be shared at tonight’s cancelled Downtown Neighborhood meeting can be seen here. They include a number of upcoming downtown events.

At 5:00 on February 10, 2015 the City Council’s Economic Development Subcommittee will meet to discuss enforcing the currently posted parking meter hours (that is, until 6:00 each weekday and on Saturdays). They will also discuss the possibility of banning overnight parking at metered spaces. Part of this discussion may be related to reducing the cost of the garages on weekends and evenings or resident guest passes.  A survey on the subject can be found here.

Stay safe and warm, everyone!   And let’s hope the electricity stays on!


Parking Discount for Seniors

While we’re on the subject of parking, I thought I’d mention that there’s a significant discount (almost 50%) on monthly parking passes for anyone over sixty.  We stumbled on this fact several months after we could have taken advantage of it, an oversight that cost us about $100 in unnecessary fees.  So if you pay for a second space in the Leo Roy Garage and have turned 60 since signing up, make sure you ask about the discount!

And, if anyone was wondering why last night’s post appeared with today’s date, it’s because I hadn’t thought to change the automatic time stamp from UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).  Posts going forward should be time-stamped in regular, old East Coast time.

Snow Emergency & Board Meeting

The Lowell Police Department has declared a snow emergency and parking ban as of 2:00 am Saturday, the 24th.  Please move your car to the garage before you go to bed tonight if you are parked in the surface lot.  Vehicles left in the lot during a snow emergency may be towed at the owner’s expense.  The announcement from the Police Department can be found here.

There is a board meeting in the lobby office on Monday evening at 7:00 (not to be confused with the previously announced LDNA meeting at LTC).  Residents are welcome.

Updates and Meetings

After some questions this week, I’ve added some new info to the website.  Information about ways to pay one’s condo fees are now available on the Condo Living page here.  I also made some tweaks to the Contact page.

Please be aware that while I don’t mind trying to answer general questions and you may get a response a bit faster, I can’t guarantee the answer will be right.  Unless a question is specifically about the site, it’s usually best to ask Cathy Deloge (  On the other hand, it does sometimes prompt me to add useful stuff to the site!

There is a Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting a week from tomorrow, Monday, the 24th at 7:00 at LTC (246 Market St.).  The agenda is as follows:

  1. Introduction of Officers.
  2. Secretary’s Report for LDNA meeting 11/24/2014.
  3. Treasurer’s Report.
  4. Election of LDNA officers for 2015.
  5. Lowell Police Department Downtown report .
  6. Lowell 2015: Arts & Events (speakers from COOL & ALL)
  7. Discussion of any recent parking ordinance changes (Councilor Corey Belanger).
  8. Report of Election Results; Miscellaneous; Questions & answers.
  9. Adjournment by 9 PM.

For anyone interested, I got responses from exactly half of the subscribers in response to the last Bulletin Board posting. I assume there are also at least a few people who didn’t check their e-mail or didn’t bother to respond. So I believe the system is working at my end. For any subscribers not getting notifications, I’m not a web pro so I’m sort of at a loss as to what to suggest beyond the usual “check your spam filter” and “add to your address book.” I might also suggest you send an e-mail to and specifically ask me to respond from the administrator address (rather than from my personal one); exchanging an e-mail or two might clear the admin address of any spam suspicions in the eyes of your filters.

It seems that this recent problem with notifications was prompted by one of the automatic updates of the blog software that the Bulletin Board uses, so it may crop up again with future updates.  Just something to be aware of; you can always check if you’ve missed something by going to the Bulletin Board directly.

Subscription Check & Fountain Update

Hello all!  Please send me a quick reply if you get this notification email.  One subscriber, who was formerly getting emails about new posts, has recently stopped receiving them.  Before I go step by step through every possible reason at my end, it would be good to know if others are still being notified of new posts (as admin, my notifications are still coming through).  Thanks!

The fountain has obviously spent another lifeless holiday season—alas.  But progress has been made. The plumber and fountain company completed their portion of the work last week.  A work crew is due to be here in another week to reinstall the granite, clean and seal the metal surround, and get the fountain ready to go.  The doors from the atrium to the lobby are scheduled to be changed out at the same time (I believe this is to satisfy some code concerns and that it is being done at the contractor’s expense).  Following all that, there should be painters and carpet people in cleaning up the last of the atrium odds and ends.  This atrium project has been a bit of a haul, but the end is in sight!


Christmas Trees and Special Item Disposal

For those of you expecting Santa to be particularly generous this year, it happens that this weekend is “Material Saturday” in Lowell. Old TVs, mattresses, appliances, and a number of other hard-to-dispose-of items can be dropped off (some require a small fee) at the Lowell Regional Waste Water Utility at 451 First Street Blvd between 8 am and noon on Saturday.  For more info, click here.

Lowell Boy Scout Troop 23 is again picking up Christmas trees in return for a donation (usually $20 or $25) as part of a fundraiser.  It’s a bit tricky being in a big building; one year we had them phone us and we brought the tree down to them at the loading dock, another year we left it outside the front entrance and taped a check to the front door.  But I’m sure you can work something out if you’d like to avoid hauling the tree off yourself.  More info can be found here.

If you’d rather just get rid of the tree yourself, you can find the city information about drop off sites here.

Please remember to wrap your tree in something (an old sheet always works for us) before taking it out of the building—a dry tree will leave needles everywhere!  And trees should be brought down in the freight elevator, not the front one.  Thank you, everyone, for being considerate of your neighbors.


The Latest Masonry Report (& Happy Holidays!)

The latest of the masonry reports is now available here.  And the combined reports—there’s a link on the link page—now include the newest report also.

No word yet about the Boy Scouts’ Christmas tree pickup program for this year.  I’ll pass it along as soon as I hear anything.

I’d also like to wish everyone the best of holidays. Stay warm, stay safe, and may both the season and the coming year bring joy and good health!



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