Bathroom Remodeling

Has anyone used Bathfitters to redo their tub/shower? We’re wondering how their enclosures hold up. I believe that our unit has its original shower surround and tub from 30 years ago which has long since lost its shine and is pretty tough to get clean. Has anyone outright replaced their tub/shower? Who did you use and how did it work out? We’re not interested in a stunning, designer bathroom, just in one that’s easier to keep clean.

Please feel free to respond in the comments or to e-mail me at  Thanks!

Potluck Reminder

The Canal Place potluck gathering is coming up on Saturday, November 4th from 4:30 to 8:00 in the first floor atrium. For more information and to let the organizers know you’ll be coming—and what you’ll be bringing—please click here.

For those of you who’ve already signed up, please remember to bring (in addition to your contribution of food) serving utensils, your own beverage, and chairs. Napkins, cups, plates, and eating utensils are being provided.

My husband and I have been here for 8 years and this the first time there’s been a building-wide social event. We’re really looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

Does anyone know these guys?

We had an incident last Friday where 3 people followed someone into the building and then proceeded to romp around the water area in the atrium making a music video.

If anyone can identify them, please contact Cathy Deloge (

This is the guy that was dancing on top the water display area and did the splashing.
This is the guy that opened the area where the ‘guts’ of our water display are hidden.
This is the guy that went up to the 2nd or 3rd floor to take photos of his friend dancing around the fountain area.

Hot Water Heater Safety Shut-off

Georgi asked me to share the info below. We had one of these installed on our water heater a few years back. It wasn’t terribly cheap (as I recall it was around $300; I can double-check if anyone wants) but was worth it for the peace of mind.

There is a product available that not only warns you when your water heater or washing machine starts leaking water but also TURNS OFF the water to save you a hefty water damage repair bill.
You can check it out at
The best time to install it would be if you were getting ready to replace your water heater. I don’t know the cost of the product; I do know that you have to have an electrical outlet nearby for it to be plugged into.
But if you have ever seen the damage that unrestrained water can do to a floor, ceiling – or the unit below you – you will want to check out this product.

Heat Is On!

For those of you thinking it’s getting a bit nippy, I just got a message that the heat is on. I’m testing mine out right now and still not getting much heat but I assume that’s just because the boilers haven’t yet gotten the system up to temperature.

Any future problems with your heat should be reported to Cathy Deloge (


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