Water Main Break & Parking Ban

There was a water main break around 11:00 this morning at the Lord Overpass over Dutton/Thorndike Street. The latest info I have says that  the up ramp from Thorndike Street to the Overpass is closed and that Appleton Street at the Overpass to Middlesex Street  (Shelter side) is closed. The police are asking people to avoid that area as much as possible.

Also, not surprisingly, a parking ban has been declared effective at midnight until further notice.  Please make sure to move your car from the surface lot before then or you risk being towed. Beginning at 7:00 this evening certain city garages have free parking for city residents; unfortunately, they don’t include the Leo Roy so those people who normally park in the surface lot will either have to pay or walk a ways.

The coming storm is supposed to be a doozy. Keep warm and stay safe!

Christmas Trees & A Reminder

For those in the building who have live Christmas trees, here’s the link for disposal info. Please be sure to wrap them up in an old sheet or plastic tarp to carry them out rather than trailing needles through the building. And, as with any large object, please use the freight elevator rather than the front one.

And a reminder: This website is run by a resident and does not operate in an official capacity (admittedly, web hosting is paid for by the Association but it comes out to under a buck a year per unit). I try to get useful info up in a timely fashion and I try to address glitches in the subscriber list but I sometimes miss stuff.

You can help by e-mailing me about parking restrictions, garage changes, local meetings, snow emergencies, or anything else of general interest that I may have missed. Also, please make sure that admin@canalplaceone.com is in your address book so that notification e-mails from the Bulletin Board (hopefully) aren’t filtered out as spam. And finally, if you park in the surface lot, you need to watch for upcoming snow emergencies and parking bans and not depend on notifications from the Bulletin Board; I’m signed up with Lowell’s Notify Me but, useful as they are, they’re undependable—it was a neighbor who let me know about the Christmas Eve ban (thank you, Brian).

As always, it’s a pleasure being part of this community. Wishing you all a Happy New Year and the best for 2018!

Fun Little Light Show

Fo anyone on the front (Market Street) side of the building (or anyone who wants to find a viewing spot on the front side of the building), turn out your lights and take a look at the smokestack next to the Market Mills complex.  There’s an interesting bunch of red and green dots wandering around on it.

Don’t know who’s projecting them, but I got a kick out of them once I realized I wasn’t imagining things!

City of Lights Parade

From the Lowell Alert System:

City of Lights Parade on Saturday, November 25, 2017 starting at 4:30 PM.  Starts on Jackson Street to Central to Merrimack Street.  Ends in front of City Hall.  No parking on Jackson Street after 10:00 AM.  No parking on Central, Merrimack Streets, as well as Fr. Morissette Boulevard and Arcand Drive after 2:00 PM.  Free parking at Market, John and Middlesex Street garages.  More information at www.likelowell.com

Bathroom Remodeling

Has anyone used Bathfitters to redo their tub/shower? We’re wondering how their enclosures hold up. I believe that our unit has its original shower surround and tub from 30 years ago which has long since lost its shine and is pretty tough to get clean. Has anyone outright replaced their tub/shower? Who did you use and how did it work out? We’re not interested in a stunning, designer bathroom, just in one that’s easier to keep clean.

Please feel free to respond in the comments or to e-mail me at admin@canalplaceone.com  Thanks!

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